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Prince Harry in a woman's hand.  How Meghan Markle undermined their relationship and made divorce a futile option - The Mag

Prince Harry in a woman’s hand. How Meghan Markle undermined their relationship and made divorce a futile option – The Mag

For the love of Wallis SimpsonAn ambitious American, twice divorced and considered undeserving of marriage to the King of England, George VIII abdication. Only 11 months after he was declared king. A love so great that it sparked the greatest institutional crisis the British monarchy had ever faced. Royal affairs experts say that since then, the man who became the Duke of Windsor has been held hostage to his wife’s whims. History appears to have repeated itself several decades later in the character of Prince Harry. Although he does not have the weight that his great-uncle had within the royal family, the Duke of Sussex has turned his back on the institution out of absolute American love. In addition to the fact that the story of the uncle and his nephew is very similar, there is one common point that stands out the most. George and Harry share the same sad outlook after abandoning each other’s fates within the British monarchy in order to be with the women they love. Did the Duke of Windsor regret his heart? Does the Duke of Sussex face the same regret? No answers… at the moment. But what is known is that Like George VIII, Charles III’s son is now at the mercy of Meghan Markle’s will. as such? We continue to explain.

With your father’s ascension to the throne, Harry will no longer be able to count on a certain amount of protection. Which, in the end, she ended up doing when her grandmother was a queen. Although somewhat tolerated when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex threatened to leave the royal family, almost forcing them to make that decision, Elizabeth II has always been open about Harry and Meghan’s return to England. Even after the insult was that horrible interview they had with Oprah Winfrey. Even in that difficult time for the English monarchy, the Queen did not completely shut the door to her favorite grandson. With Charles III things changed in Sussex. The new king is determined to give the institution a new image. She wants to make her own mark and enhance the ‘ambiance’ of change. The 73 years he waited for the throne gave him enough time to prepare for his role as king. The new king wants to start by exempting the monarchy, reducing its active members to a strict minimum and Definitively fend off the most uncomfortable characters.

Carlos wants to stay away from Harry and Meghan

Thus, it is no surprise that Prince Andrew, who is involved in the Epstein affair, is more ostracized and unseen among the royal family. Later, It will also ensure Harry and Meghan are victims of the new “purge” policy by Charles III. They have chosen, of their own volition, to move to the United States and there the King wants them to stay. He shows no desire for the couple to come to England often to play a leading role. The king has already realized that his son and daughter-in-law need to maintain contact with the royal family to keep talking about him and not leave their “value in the market”It is the frequent contact with the House of Windsor and trips to England to take part in the property’s events that serve as an upgrade for them. Without it, the couple is no longer interested in the world. in general and the United States in particular. Carlos III wants to cut it. Moreover, she realizes that Meghan Markle will drag Harry into a plot she hatched to take revenge on the royal family. He is convinced that they represent and will in the future represent a permanent threat to the image of the monarchy.

Meghan Markle gives a new interview and attacks the royal family

Even those who live on the other side of the Atlantic, The Sussexes may insist on continuing to harm the British monarchy with explosive memoirs and a Netflix documentary series and paid interviews critical of the Windsor family. Is Harry doing it of his own free will or is the woman dragged down this path of no return? It won’t leave the prince many alternatives, explains Marc Roche, Belgian journalist and author of Les Borgias à Buckingham. According to the writer, Harry has only two ways to go: “Everything will depend on money” This specialist progressed into the British monarchy. “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry need money because their value in the American market is declining, after the death of the Queen and the passion that swept the entire world.The former Hollywood actress is leading the attack on the Windsor family by telling her husband that this is him The way they have to earn money to be able to provide a decent life for their two children, Archie and Lilipet.

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Megan doesn’t want the secondary role

In my opinion, the only person who can help them is King Charles III, who is very wealthy, with a personal fortune, but the price to pay is that they lead as secret a life as possible and become the new Duke and Duchess of Windsor. That is, Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson”, explains Mark Roach. But will Meghan Markle be satisfied with her idle life, made up of social events? Knowing the profile of the Duchess of Sussex, many experts do not believe. You will want to have a role. He will want to play a leading role, and as a result, Harry will be dragged into a state of conflict with his father and brother. With a character more susceptible to the influences of those around him, the Duke would allow himself to be carried away by the desires and whims of a woman who, unlike him, has a more authoritarian character and a great inclination to lead the destinies of the spouses. She decides. She’s the boss! He allows himself to be led…by her.

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The Duke of Sussex reveals how the brothers drifted apart.

What if the youngest son of Carlos and Diana, tired and regretful of the wars with his family, decided to go back to “home”? Does the father accept it? Does anyone open the arms and doors of the palace for him? There are those who doubt that this will ever happen as a couple: “No, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not return.”says Mark Roach, basing his view on something irrefutable:They no longer have a role to play within the royal family.” Additionally, North America’s desire to stand out has been and always will be the big point against this comeback. You will never be subject to the rules of protocol and will have to take on a secondary role, especially with regard to Kate Middleton.. But if there is no alternative for the spouses, For Harry alone, it’s there and crystal clear: divorce.

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Divorce is a solution

Prince Harry will only be welcomed with open arms, and he will regain his title, his duties in the military, and all the privileges inherent in his stature. This divorce is hope in the UK‘, explains the Belgian journalist based in England. But is divorce really an option for Harry? Children will be the biggest obstacle. If the prince decides to divorce Meghan Markle, what will be the communication with the two children? Returning to England would make it impossible for the Duke of Sussex to closely follow Archie and Lillepitt’s growth.. Nor would the Duchess be expected to make life easier for her ex-husband. So, as you can see, The prince is hostage to a decision he made out of love and finds himself more than ever in the hands of Meghan Markle. Between exile and divorce, the future looks very bleak. It is a saying: “Come Satan and choose.”

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