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Prince Philip died: - A stormy complaint after covering the Prince's death

Prince Philip died: – A stormy complaint after covering the Prince’s death

After the death of the 99-year-old prince on Friday, the BBC was immediately mourning.

The scheduled broadcast was canceled and instead TV viewers received special programs with newscasters dressed in black all day.

Passed away: Prince Philip died at the age of 99. See and hear a royal house expert believes that death may be the unification of the British royal family.
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Popular TV shows like the “MasterChef” cooking contest had to give way to programs about the prince, and BBC1 and BBC2 broadcast the same. Silent music was played on BBC Radio channels.

While some Britons thought it appropriate to show that kind of respect to the Prince, others thought it was too much.

The BBC has received so many complaints in the past 24 hours that it has created a separate website where the public can register complaints if they feel the TV coverage has become too extensive.

It was not known how many complained.

Condolence: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson offered his condolences on the death of Prince Phillips. Video: 10 Downing Street
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