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Princess Amalia's birthday party from the Netherlands stirs controversy

Princess Amalia’s birthday party from the Netherlands stirs controversy

Amalia, Princess of the Netherlands

A new controversy led by the Dutch royal family, this time with the princess heir as the central figure. After last year, the kings and their three daughters traveled to Greece for holidays, at a critical time of the pandemic, when the government asked residents to avoid non-essential travel abroad, as a way to contain the spread of Covid-19, amalia The Netherlands is now on its eighteenth birthday with a party attended by more guests than recommended by the health and executive authorities.

While facing a new wave of the epidemic, with a new variant (omicron), the Dutch government has implemented measures to combat the spread of Covid-19, such as reducing the number of people who can participate in a meeting.

According to the state press, the Princess of Orange, who celebrated her eighteenth birthday on December 7, celebrated this special date in the gardens of the Huis Ten Bosch Palace, last Saturday, after the festivities that were to be held inside the palace. The palace was specifically canceled due to the pandemic.

At this time, in the Netherlands, the recommendations are that no more than four people should be collected, and according to the local press, the princess will invite 21 people, although information has also been revealed that all of them have been duly vaccinated, and have undergone tests. Before the meeting, social distance was respected and the event was held outdoors.

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