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Princess Carolina’s children show the true magic of Monaco at the Rose Bowl

Princess Carolina’s children show the true magic of Monaco at the Rose Bowl

the princess CarolinaAs chair of the Princess Grace Foundation, he was the great host of a night of celebration, solidarity, and so much more luster in the emirate. Karolina chose the subject, Bollywood, and her friend C.CChristian Louboutin He recreated this exotic atmosphere at the Salle des Étoiles in Sporting Monte-Carlo.

In this solidarity event that takes place in a balance between tradition and modernity, the most prominent presence is always that of the children of Carolina de Monaco. And in this edition, to live up to the great family union in which the Grimaldi seem to live, none of the hostess’s children fails to answer the mother’s call. Carolina entered the ball on the arm of her brother, the Prince Albert Monaco, followed by her four children – Andrea (38 years) , Pierre (35), Charlotte (36) and Alexandra (23) – accompanied by their husbands – except for Charlotte, who went without her husband, Dimitri is a painter – and her boyfriend in the case of the youngest daughter.

At the age of 66, Carolina seems happy in her role as a dedicated mother and grandmother, without ceasing to fill the role of First Lady of Monaco numerous times alongside her brother, Prince Alberto. The place rightfully belonged to his sister-in-law, the Princess Charlene But now he seems willingly yielding to Carolina. The truth is, Charlene has been, for several years now, largely absent from the event, which she last attended in 2014.

Rose Ball, created by the Princess Grace Kelly in 1954, marking a nearly 70-year tradition dedicated to raising money for the Princess Grace Foundation, responsible for helping children and young people in the fields of dance, theater, and solidarity.

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