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Princess Charlene returns to deny her separation from Alberto de Monaco - the world

Princess Charlene returns to deny her separation from Alberto de Monaco – the world

After declarations of love on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the marriage of Alberto de Monaco, Princess Charlene once again broke the silence to stifle separation rumors.

The former swimmer posted a video on Instagram thanking a singer for singing a love song.

My dear friend Alois, Thanks for remembering our wedding song. From the bottom of my heart, thank you,” Charlene wrote in the “My hele hart” explainer video, with all my heart, in the Afrikaans translation.

Charlene’s long stay in South Africa, which has so far lasted two months, at the same time as the couple celebrates the special date, has raised all red flags.

German magazine Bunte, a publication with sources very close to the Grimaldi family, provided certainty that uA new and serious crisis in the marriage led to the decision to divorce, which was prepared in secret. Alberto showed himself with great frequency with his twins, Jack and Gabriella, as if to prove to the world that he is a good father. References to the children’s mother are no longer present, although Charlene’s absence due to an illness prevented her from returning to Monaco.

As “Bunte” mentioned it The princess is already sick, but this disease is not an obstacle to travel. It’s just about A good excuse to justify her absence from her husband and children.

Charlene will be looking for a house in Johannesburg, Close to parents. Brother Gareth Wittstock, who left everything to live in Monaco with the princess, will do the same: prepare for his return after he bought a villa in the city.

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