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Princess Charlene: - The princess is in mourning

Princess Charlene: – The princess is in mourning

2021 has a Princess Charlene of Monaco, 43, has been affected by countless setbacks and harsh messages. Since May has He was “caught” in his native South Africa Without her husband Prince Albert and their twins Gabriella and Jack (6 years).

The princess initially went there to draw attention to the protection of the rhino, but at the end of May she underwent surgery for a serious infection of the ear, nose and throat – and therefore had to postpone the return trip.

This summer she had to have another surgery, who kept her in South Africa for another three months.

In September, she fainted and was hospitalized in the country. However, she was released from prison the next day, and the court was quick to say there was nothing to worry about.

Two weeks ago, the prince came out and told her that her body was on the way to recovery, and that You will be back in Monaco in a few days.

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However, at the time of writing, it is still in South Africa, where it has been for nearly half a year.

And so there has been a lot of misfortune for this 43-year-old this year. On Tuesday, she shared another sad news on the photo-sharing service Instagram. The princess lost her four-legged friend:

“My little angel died last night, she got hurt. I will miss you so much. Rest in peace,” she writes under a picture of her and little Chihuahua.

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In the comments field, condolences and love flow for the grieving mother.

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Refuses trouble in marriage

first couple We’ve been honest about the fact that the last time was tough, but the rumor mill has long wanted a marriage problem behind the trip.

In an interview with Channel24 Charlene denied the rumors:

– It was a very difficult period for me. I miss my husband and children very much. The hardest thing, the medical team said, was that I hadn’t been allowed to come home to our wedding for ten years, she said in the interview, which was reproduced by Picturemagazine.

Prince Albert is my rock and my strength and without his love and support I would not have been through these painful months.

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Now, however, the eternal wait would finally come to an end, and soon the princely family was reunited in Monaco after about half a year.