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Princess Charlene’s family denied the poignant rumours

It’s been a tough few years Princess Charlene (44) Monaco. For large parts of 2021, she suffered from a serious illness, and had to stay in hospital in her home country of South Africa.

This made her disappear from the public eye for a long time.

closer to the family

In May 2021, I became Surgery to treat otolaryngitisSoon after, she underwent a sinus lift and bone graft. In September of the same year, she fainted, and again had to be hospitalized.

Due to hospitalization in South Africa, the princess was unable to meet her husband Prince Albert (64) and twins Gabriella and Jack (8) in several months.

Kiss: The royal couple were surprised by their visit to Norway.
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Now according to rumors pass Charlene’s parents plan to move closer to the palace in Monaco to see more of the family.

Parents Lynette (77) and Michael Wittstock (66) live in the town of Benoni in South Africa, but rumors have it that they were planning to move to a French villa in La Turbie, which would be next to the Principality of Monaco.

Charlene’s parents were now forced to deny rumors that they had grown close to the princess, her husband, and her children.

False rumors

to me News 24 Charlene’s sister-in-law, Chantelle Wittstock, states that the rumors are false.

– Michael and Lynette still live in Benoni, and have no intention of moving to Monaco, she adds.

Despite the great distance, the princess is still very close to her parents. Charlene’s parents, among others, were by her side when she was admitted to the private clinic in Switzerland, Express writes.

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