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Princess Isabella: - Princess confirmed:

Princess Isabella: – Princess confirmed:

The Danish royal family has every reason to rejoice today. Princess Isabella (15) It has now been confirmed, and for the occasion, friends and family gathered to celebrate the big day.

Emphasis refers to the princess’ transition from child to adult – at least traditionally.

On Saturday morning Isabella, with the royal family, arrived at the Fredensburg castle chapel where the confirmation had been made. It was also the place where she was baptized on July 1, 2007.

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– breaks tradition

On the Danish royal family’s website, as well as Instagram, brand-new photos of Princess Isabella are now being shared with others in the royal family. Among other parents Crown Prince Frederick (53), Crown Princess Mary (50) and her siblings Prince Christian (16), Prince Vincent (11) and Princess Josephine (11).

Walking from the Chancellery, Her Royal Highness Princess Isabella, with her parents and siblings, arrived at Fredensburg Castle, where she was received by Her Majesty. The Danish Royal House initially wrote on Instagram.

To mark the confirmation, a number of royal fans lined up at the chapel to witness the arrival of the princess. According to the Danish magazine photo It was full of cheers.

However, although Princess Isabella’s assertion was in many ways reminiscent of any other royal assertion, there was one point where the supporter stood out.

According to See and Hear, House royal expert Caroline Vagel, Princess Isabella is breaking tradition on Confirmation Day.

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– The princess wore a white suit on the occasion of that day, and according to the Danes, this way violates the tradition of princesses who wear a dress on Confirmation Day, says Fagel, and adds:

– I rejoice for it with all my heart! Everyone should be allowed to wear what they feel most comfortable in. She simply looks absolutely gorgeous, showing that she is as calm as her always elegantly dressed mother, Crown Princess Mary.

Confirmed: Princess Ingrid Alexandra will be confirmed on Saturday, August 31. Video: the red carpet.
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unforgettable photos

Prior to confirmation day, a number of photos and videos of the latest confirmer were also shared. The photos show, among other things, the princess during her upbringing and to this day.

“With the passage of time. “Our eldest daughter, Princess Isabella, will be confirmed tomorrow,” the royal family wrote in the introduction, adding:

“The whole family is looking forward to celebrating her and her big day, we would like to share some snapshots from her life,” the crown prince and crown prince wrote in a blog post.

In the comments section of Instagram, many royal fans have already offered congratulations.

influential: Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Crown Prince Haakon address Ingrid Alexandra, during the royal confirmation lunch. Video: NRK.
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“Incredibly beautiful pictures of the time flying fast and entering the ranks of the adults. Congratulations, Your Royal Highness”, writes one user, while another adds:

“Wow, what a beautiful affirmation. Typical Isabella style who chooses to wear a suit for the day. Great photos for the whole family. Congratulations on the affirmation, Isabella.”