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Princess Leonor to fall in love with her 'handsome and alien' classmate

Princess Leonor to fall in love with her ‘handsome and alien’ classmate

Princess Leonor, 16, returned to Spain last December for the Christmas holidays with her family. However, the young woman seems to have a special reason to return to Wales and to UWC Atlantic College, where she studies. According to the news provided by the Spanish website Informalia, the princess of Asturias will fall in love with a colleague.

According to Leonor’s classmate, who is mentioned on the same site, he is “tall, skinny, very handsome and a boarding school classmate.”

According to the same source, the two met at school and “caught up very quickly.”

It should be noted that this is not the first time that the crushing of the eldest daughter of the King of Spain has been reported. In 2020, it was reported that Leonor would live her first love, in Madrid, something which, at the time, was not very satisfying to Queen Letizia, who would not have allowed the relationship to progress. The contention will be the fact that Letizia believes her daughter should focus more on her studies.

Now 16 years old and away from Madrid, the princess, who seems to have adapted well to her new life, may be freer to live her passion.

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