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Princess Madeleine’s apartment has been renovated for 12 million

Princess Madeleine’s apartment has been renovated for 12 million

Princess Madeleine, 41, and Chris O’Neill, 49, are moving to Sweden with their three children, Leonore, 9, Nicholas, 8, and Adrienne, 5. The family, who now live in Florida, US, revealed earlier this year that they are moving back to the Swedish princess’s home country.

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The family leaves a luxurious villa in favor of a luxurious apartment in Hovstallet in Östermalm in Stockholm. The total number of buildings in the district is ten, some of which are apartment complexes.

Blame live:Princess Madeleine was visiting her native Sweden. During an interview at the opening, things go a little wrong for the princess. Video: Bill T. Nelson.

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according to aftonbladet It’s King Carl Gustaf who decides who is allowed to live in these apartments – and the royals don’t have to pay for accommodation.

Expensive renovations

Princess Madeleine previously lived in the apartment the family will now move into. Hofstalt has also been a base for the family every time they have visited Sweden in recent years.

Share your photos from the wedding

Share your photos from the wedding

Since 2014, the house has undergone expensive renovations, amounting to around NOK 6.8 million. It should be twice the planned budget.

Already in 2018 it was renovated again. In total, nearly NOK 12 million was spent on the royal apartment in just four years.

abnormal: Princess Madeleine and her family have returned to Sweden, showing a rare side to the Swedish Christmas tree tradition. Video: Swedish News Agency
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The renovations were funded largely by taxpayers, and according to Finnish next It caused some discontent when the house underwent a comprehensive renovation for the second time.


It is part of the story that the princess and her husband also paid for some of the things out of their own pockets. Swedish Women’s Journal He writes that the couple wanted certain luxury home appliances that they paid for themselves.

Absent: - Hardly by accident

Absent: – Hardly by accident

The exact location and area of ​​the apartment has not been announced for security reasons.

However, it is known that the house has seven bedrooms, and that the other apartments are between 130 and 230 square metres.

Princess Madeleine and O’Neill’s apartment could be bigger than that.

Whether or not the couple sold the villa in Florida is currently unknown.

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