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Priority groups are being vaccinated against H1N1 during 'D-Day' this Saturday

Priority groups are being vaccinated against H1N1 during ‘D-Day’ this Saturday

Photo: Rovina Rosa

a The Municipal Health Service (SMSA) is promoting, this Saturday (10), the “Victory Day” of the H1N1 vaccination campaign, in various health centers across the capital, for the priority groups identified by the Ministry of Health (Ms).

The “D-Day” of vaccination against H1N1, influenza, is carried out until 4:00 pm, at 422 immunization centers, in a decentralized manner, including restaurants, supermarkets, basic health units (UBS), groceries and more.

Retired 77-year-old Carlos Alberto Sells has left his message to the residents of Manaus about influenza vaccination.

“Everyone should be vaccinated with the H1N1 and Covid-19 vaccines. This talk of thinking it’s bad, that it reacts, it’s wrong, the thing is the vaccine in the arm. I root it for her to reach 18, because I have a granddaughter who needs to be vaccinated, not just the senior age, youngsters also need all vaccinations,” he emphasized.

One priority group for the influenza vaccine, in addition to the elderly, pregnant women, postpartum women, people with permanent disabilities (PCD) and people with comorbidities, are children six months of age or younger. Guilherme’s mother, one-year-old, Elimara Lopez, the company’s director, left her message and called on mothers to bring their children for vaccination.

“Vaccination is very important, right from the birth of a child, because it helps you prevent all diseases. We are going through a very difficult moment, which is the pandemic, and unfortunately there is no vaccine (against Covid-19) for our young children. So I invite all mothers to do their part, and take care of our little ones, So the vaccination stays up-to-date,” Iliamara said.

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To access all flu vaccination sites operating on Saturday, simply access the official Semsa website (

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