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WhatsApp privacidade desktop proteção mensagens

Privacy on WhatsApp? Bet on the desktop version

The issue of privacy has recurred on WhatsApp and its users. This is the certainty that everyone wants and this has been reflected in the many improvements and novelties that have been introduced.

Continuing these developments, WhatsApp now brings another novelty. And it is preparing another improvement, to give the desktop version a new layer that will provide more protection for the conversations and privacy of WhatsApp users.

More privacy on WhatsApp

As with operating systems, WhatsApp users will soon be able to access the lock screen. This will have the same principle as ensuring data protection, in this case conversations and files received.

Grandma now Developed and prepared To be tested by users of beta versions. From what can already be seen, this protection will ensure that access to the Meta Messages service only happens to those who are authorized.

To ensure this access, users will have to specify and use the security password. This will be requested when the user opens the app to use it, and it is likely that they will have more control over when and how this password is requested.

WhatsApp privacy desktop protection messages

Desktop with more message protection

Naturally, this newness of WhatsApp should be optional and only those who wish can activate it. This password is also expected to be stored locally and only accessible within the system and not the messaging service itself.

Actually, this improvement is not new to WhatsApp. The Android and iOS version has been available for 3 years, always with the same user data protection principle. It may seem like a simple procedure, but it guarantees additional protection for this service.

This is another important improvement for WhatsApp and its users. It brings an extra layer of protection and privacy which is essential and ensures that access to conversations is only done by those who are truly authorized.

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