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Prize of 885 million euros on Friday

Prize of 885 million euros on Friday

Last night, one of the biggest Mega Millions jackpots was at stake. Again, no one got it right. can be played Online (in an unusual way).

The first draw of mega millions In the year 2023, there is a rush of game like we rarely see in the USA (and abroad). The next race must be over bettors.

Mega Millions is a game very similar to ours lotto: You only get first prize if five numbers match your lucky number – or Mega Ball, in this case.

The difference is that the numbers on the initial five balls go up to 70 (in Tototo they are 49) and the lucky number, Mega Ball, ends at 25 (here it ends at 13).

Therefore, the likely to hit It is – even – secondary to this North American game: one in every 302.6 million.

Last night was at stake Fourth largest prize of all time from MegaMillions. And the sixth highest of all time, it joins the numbers for another national game, Powerball.

Whoever hits all the balls will get it 739 million euros.

But there are some conditions here: only those who agree to receive this amount will receive this prize Over 30 years oldand get some kind of annuity.

However, most of the winners decide Receive all at once. After that, the premium will be reduced to “only”. 380 million in euros.

You also have a file account taxes: 24% of the total prize goes to the state, thus, if everything is withdrawn at once, the bettor will receive approximately 307 million euros.

There’s more: Because the premium is so large, the discount rate on most homes will be as high as 37%. And then the final prize will descend 254 million in euros, for the account CNBC.

This is, Advertiser The prize of 739 million euros is already a little more than that third of that value. This does not include other possible fees, which vary between states.

We always use the conditional because Nobody won. 25, 29, 33, 41, 44 + 18: Nobody bets on this winning class. Almost 3 million newsletters have won some awards but no one has jackpot.

It was Twenty-third draw in a row Without any first prize winner. Until next Friday jackpot go up to 885 million eurosAnd the announce the organization.

This number remains the fourth highest ever in Mega Millions. The highest prize ever awarded was four years ago: €1.45 billion.

Overall, it was the biggest payout ever on Powerball: approx 2 billion euroswhich we got just two months ago.

Play outside the United States

Please note that according to Mega Millions rules, You do not need to be a citizen or resident of the country to compete for the prize. There is the possibility to “pass”, on vacation, to play.

Tickets are not actually sold outside the United States. But she has websites Specialists who accept Bets are placed Online – Then an employee or collaborator of that portal purchases the official tickets on behalf of the player and sends a scanned copy to the bettor’s account.

Nuno Teixeira da Silva, ZAP //

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