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“Progress is personal” (video)

For its last summer issue, Saturday night at 8:30 p.m. Dedicated a report to Perrin’s family. They will all go on stage with Francis Perrin to stage the play Girls School By Moliere. Among them, Louis Perrin, who suffers from autism.

Louis Perrin, an 18-year-old boy, was diagnosed with severe autism at age 2. His parents, Francis Perrin And Gercende Dufromentel, who did everything they could to make him live a happy life. For its summer version, Saturday night at 8:30 p.m. France 2 devoted more than 20 minutes to a report to this family Go to the stage to play Moliere’s most beautiful pieces: Girls School. Francis Perrin is accustomed to playing comedy, and he plays Antoine Mangeville in the series. Mangeville And recently a father Tomorrow belongs to us. Louis also knows theater boards, because in 2019, He sang a duet with his father Portrait of Moliere in 50 minutes.

“It’s a burden for us”

Young Louise was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of 2 years. His mother, Gercende Dufromentel, expressed confidence in the team Saturday night at 8:30 p.m.. “Like everyone with severe autism – unlike those with autism, although all autism is a spectrum -, Lewis was very frustrated in all situations. He has no tools to communicate. He has no tools to even eat or drink. He did not eat, did not speak, did not drink, did not walk, did not sleep. At night, he slept 24 hours an hour. When Louis was 2 years old, it was very hard (…). He wounded himself.Despite everything, the family did not give up and helped little Louis move forward and help him. Today, they are all proud of what he became when he was 18 years old. “Progress is personal. He is autonomous, he speaks, he is happy. That’s what we wanted him to be happy with in the first place (…), because this is already a serious flaw. For me, I always said it was a burden gift for us. But it was mostly a gift“, Says Francis Perrin in the statement.

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“His play brings all our hopes together”

To achieve such progress, it is no wonder, because Gersende Dufromental is very close to his son. He owes his success to his diligence and what his family has given him.. “Everything is progress, work, love, emotions, difficulties …”, Lists a former actress who has stopped her acting career and dedicates herself to another career: Mom. Today, 18 years old, Louis Perrin will take the stage, which is a huge hit for his father and mother. “The fact of playing with Lewis, without him, he plays without, It unites all of our beliefs. In the end, this is the path we took with Francis. ” Louis is eager to get on stage and he assures us he will “Give a lot of success” Without trembling, because of hisGoing on stage in front of many is a long day dream“. A dream has now come true.

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