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Promises to Crush the Skulls of Bullies - VG

Promises to Crush the Skulls of Bullies – VG

100 years: The Communist Party of China celebrates the centenary of its founding. On Thursday morning, President Xi Jinping addressed thousands of jubilant spectators in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins / X03739

“Anyone who dares to bully China will have their skull smashed against a steel wall of 1.4 billion Chinese,” Xi Jinping said during the Communist Party’s centenary celebrations.


The President of China is clear in his speech: He should not have any bullying and insult from other countries in the world.

During an hour-long speech to 70,000 CPC members in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square Thursday morning, he praised the party for lifting the country out of poverty. He promised to expand China’s power and influence and continue building and modernizing the army.

We must maintain the leadership of the party. China’s success depends on the party, Xi stressed, noting the great economic progress China has made since the Communist Party of China came to power.

The people of China are not only good at destroying the old world, but also creating a new one.

The time for China to be bullied by other countries is over, and hit from a heavily decorated podium by Mao Zedong, who at the same place declared China a People’s Communist Republic in 1949.

“Anyone who dares to bully China will have their skulls smashed and a steel wall of 1.4 billion Chinese people smashed,” Xi told Reuters. AP.

to me Reuters The statement was subsequently taken to the Chinese Twitter-like social media Weibo.

“The Chinese will not accept hypocritical speeches from those who feel they have the right to teach us,” he said in a speech Thursday morning.

Xi gave no details of the potential bullies he was targeting.

The Chinese authorities are currently in severe weather worldwide due to Abuses against ethnic minorities in Xinjiang and its authoritarian cycles in Hong Kong, with pro-democracy activists imprisoned and a free press silenced.

During his unusually tough speech, Xi made it clear that the CPC will adhere to the principle of one country, two systems. This means that Hong Kong and Macau will have a large degree of autonomy.

Over the past year, China has tightened its grip on Hong Kong. in mid-June Among other things, several hundred police officers lined up at the offices of the pro-democracy newspaper “Apple Daily” in Hong Kong. Accounts were blocked, and several leaders were arrested on the grounds of the controversial security law. A few days later, a chief writer for the newspaper was arrested.

The newspaper had to close.

Clear speech: President Xi Jinping’s speech was broadcast on big screens all over. Here from a mall in Beijing Thursday morning. Photo: Andy Wong / AP

The president also stressed that the CPC will continue to work for “reunification” with Taiwan.

The Chinese Communist Party has never controlled Taiwan, but they consider the island nation to be a breakaway Chinese province. According to the party, this will be reunited with China.

“No one should underestimate China’s willingness and ability to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Xi said.

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The president’s speech came in the context of the centenary of the Communist Party of China.

According to the NTB, security measures ahead of Thursday’s celebration were extensive. For several days, the police checked all cars and passengers arriving in Beijing, which led to long queues in several places.

The plaza is decorated with 100 Chinese flags, and in a large-scale aerial show, the audience can, among other things, watch 100 helicopters form a formation in the air above the plaza.

During his presidency, Xi Jinping consolidated his own power and made sure to get rid of members of the Chinese Communist Party who could challenge him.

The number of CPC members increased by 2.43 million in 2020 alone, and the party has 95.15 million members.