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Promisil to invest 2.5 million and build a new plant in Braga

Promisil to invest 2.5 million and build a new plant in Braga

The company Promecel, active in the market of the electrical and mechanical components sector, revealed today its intention to build a new factory, in Braga, at the end of this year, with an investment of 2.5 million euros.

Promecel was founded in May 1985, a private company that belongs to the metalworking industry and has four Portuguese partners, and will invest in a new plant in Braga, “which will be completed at the end of this year,” with “Jose Manuel Silva, managing partner, said that the process of changing The facilities start in November, as the new facilities are 300 meters away from the existing facilities.

“The current one was sold / agreed. At the end of 2018, we acquired a plot of land of about 22 hectares and we will build a factory close to twice the area we currently have,” he explained, saying, “This year it should be!” With the change process starting in November, the manager said, and given that the company has a lot of equipment, “it won’t be easy, as the transformation takes place and at the same time, work and deliver materials to clients.”

He continued, “There are pieces of equipment that will not be replaced, they will be new pieces of equipment that will be installed in the new factory. For example, there is a new piece of equipment that we just bought and we cannot do this without the help of the manufacturer, as there are no specialized technicians.”

The company expects that in 2026/2027 it will have recovered the total investment in the new plant, without owing it.

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Initially, Promecel focused heavily on electrical products, usually medium and low voltage networks.

He said that the company, which began internationalizing it in 1992, currently has a “clear strategy for high technical demands” in dealing with foreign markets, claims to have “the most advanced means of production and control” and 94 highly specialized workers. Manager.

Its customers, in turn, belong to the most diverse business sectors, and it has five different sectors (manufacturing, casting, stamping, electroplating and assembly) that can work together to obtain the final product.

Director Lusa states that, although there is no “big business crises, the company is in some institutional crises,” explaining that in 2012, the other founding partner left and Resul (associated with the utility sector) bought the partner’s stake.

Resul captured the majority and sold me and so did my dad [Armando Silva, um dos fundadores da empresa]Half of his position, he brought a colleague into management, and we both took over, “he recalls.

At the time, “the plant was not in good financial shape,” so a recovery plan was drawn up to expire in 2016, so Promecel financially “overdid”, having made a full recovery, recalls the manager.

But in 2017, due to the oil crisis and Resul’s exposure to the Angolan market, he started feeling the same kind of problems observed in 2014 that Resul helped solve, so the manager ended up buying in 2018 the majority from the capital.

Promecel now has four partners: José Manuel Silva (Managing Partner), Armando Silva (Minority Partner) and two employees who, since 2020, have had a smaller share.

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The company does not mainly operate in the national market, having focused on the foreign market, namely in Europe.