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Protect your iPhone bank app from thieves

Today’s tip complements the various security tips we’ve already written to protect your iPhone. Apple realized that crime is trying to circumvent the security of access codes and gives the user new weapons to fight thieves. Today we will use the “magic” shortcut.

Trap iPhone against thieves

We have already mentioned that the iPhone has many security systems to protect the user, his data and even his property. We recently left a complete guide as a second and possibly a third layer of protection for the equipment itself and for applications that the user perceives as "most vulnerable".

We also mentioned a few weeks ago, with the release of iOS 16.4, that the Shortcuts app now provides an interesting shortcut for the home screen lock. With this novelty, today we're going to show you again how you can protect apps, individually, to "mistreat" criminals who can steal your iPhone in unlocked mode.

With these tools, we can do just that bullying with the thief. This is because the first thing you'll do with an unlocked iPhone is put it into Flight Mode. At that time the iPhone jumps to the locked screen. let's do?

Enable the screen lock if the iPhone goes into Airplane mode

  • Open the app abbreviations;
  • Go to the footer bar and select automation;
  • Under Automation, choose File + sign (plus) in the upper right corner.
  • Click the button Create automation;
  • Choose from the option menu Flight mode;
  • Leave the option "Activated" checked and click the next;
  • Choose now Add work;
  • In this window, use the search bar to search for it locked screen;
  • With the Lock screen option already selected, tap the option the next;
  • In the next window, you must remove the Ask on Execution option. confirm that pop up do not ask;
  • Now when someone tries to activate Airplane Mode, they either know the password to access the iPhone or...they just do nothing.

ready. This option may protect another attempt from thieves to try to silence your iPhone from communicating with you in the event of theft with the lock screen unlocked. It's a simple tip but it can be important in many scenarios.

If you want to disable this shortcut, just go to the list of shortcuts and delete it.

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