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Le tifo lensois à l’occasion du derby du Nord, samedi au stade Bollaert-Delelis. Photo Pascal Bonnière

Provocative Lily anti-Defoe, Lenzois leaders did not expect it

Lil Merta “No translation required.”

Promised to be hot on the stands, it was violent when supporters occupied the field before the fight at half-time. Six people were slightly injured in the fight (two were arrested).

“This is not a text given to us”

According to Lenzois leaders, Defoe’s message is “surprising.” ” This is not the text given to us. The first post is in favor of the RC lens At the end of the meeting, the club’s general manager, Arnaud Bowley, promised. Before approving it ” This is not the quietest defo it could be “Yet according to Arnaud Boyle, the club will file a complaint and its rival LOSC will do the same.

Banner “We love Lily, hate the lens” at Pierre-Moro Roy Stadium in 2020

In October 2020, during the Lily-Lens derby, Lily supporters erected several banners on the empty stands of Pierre-Moro Roy Stadium (the game was held behind closed doors due to the Covit-19 health crisis). One of them, we can read in it ” We love Lilly and hate the lens », Was controversial.

Part of the message was removed from the stand during the match Just to appear ” We like Lilly . ⁇ No, although I have seen this dismissal before the pause, I am not the reason for my withdrawal, Lily reacted to the coach At the time, Christoph Caldier. Very good in this way. In our current era, we have no right to hate each other, but I am not asking you to remove this banner.

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