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PRR and the new airport are among the biggest challenges of 2024 for designers and consultants

PRR and the new airport are among the biggest challenges of 2024 for designers and consultants

Implementing the PRR, determining the location of the new airport and high speed are challenges that the association representing these sectors considers crucial for the coming year. The APPC argues that political instability adds “an additional layer of uncertainty.”

Designers and consultants expressed hesitation about the challenges the new year will bring for the sector and described 2024 as “complex and unpredictable” in a statement issued on Wednesday.

For the Portuguese Association of Designers and Consultants (APPC), the implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), the transition from Portugal 2020 to Portugal 2030, the identification of the location of the new airport, the launch of Lisbon-Porto Airport, the closure of the Ferrovia 2020 program and the implementation of plans to accelerate housing construction will be the main themes of the year Next.

“In addition to all this, the recent political instability, which adds an additional layer of uncertainty to an already very difficult scenario, prompts the APPC to fear that we will live a long period without a clear definition of the priorities of the next government. Making important decisions is even more complicated,” she highlights. The association said in a statement.

“Firms specializing in consulting, architecture, engineering and project supervision have demonstrated strong operational flexibility. However, there are challenges that have persisted over the years, such as inadequate practices in public procurement, which prioritize the evaluation of proposals based on price, at the expense of quality. Furthermore Therefore, the inability to review prices prevents the recovery of losses caused by inflation over the past two years,” says Jorge Nandem Carvalho, Chairman of the APPC Board of Directors.

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Jorge Nandin de Carvalho also highlights that “APPC has historically championed predictability in public investment plans and stability of decisions, allowing companies to plan their investment cycles.” The association stresses the importance of maintaining stability in public demand to enable medium- and long-term programming of member companies.

In this way, APPC hopes that the country will make quick decisions and avoid a period of uncertainty that could damage the management and development capabilities of companies in the sector. The association highlights the critical importance of people in this sector and calls for the time, security and financial capacity to maintain and develop teams.