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Prudentino Portal – A survey reveals that Prudentino is heading towards a new dengue epidemic

Prudentino Portal – A survey reveals that Prudentino is heading towards a new dengue epidemic

Having suffered the worst dengue epidemic in its history with more than 40,000 cases and nearly 30 deaths, President Prudente may see the scenario repeated again in the coming months. This is revealed by the new Brito Index (IB) and Building Infestation Index (IIP), issued by the Municipal Epidemiological Surveillance (VEM).

In the fourth survey conducted this year, Prudente was on alert for the disease caused by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The city has a building index of 1.9 and Preto’s 2.2. According to the Ministry of Health, an IP between 1 and 4 is considered an alarm stage.

In summary, out of every 100 properties surveyed in Prudente in the last survey, 2.2 containers were found to contain Aedes aegypti (IB) larvae. The Building Infestation Index (IIP), which totaled 1.9, meant that out of every 100 properties surveyed, 1.9 contained mosquito larvae.

More criticism

In Prudente, District 1 is even more important, with a score of 3.6 on the Building Index and 3.8 in Preto. It includes neighborhoods in the southwestern region, such as Ana Jacinta, Mario Amato, Jardim Vale do Sul, Alto da Boa Vista, Tropical, Vila Real, and the residential areas Damha and surrounding areas.

The lowest index is found in region 3, which is 0.84 for IP and in IB it is 1.05. This sector includes the Jardim Bongiovanni area, Villa Industrial and other neighborhoods between Parque do Povo and Rodovia Raposo Tavares.


To contain the advance and spread in the city, several measures have been taken, according to VEM. Including educational work within the community.

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“Other measures will be intensified and there will be interventions discussed and implemented in partnership with the Dengue Committee,” says Eileen Bertacco, VEM Supervisor.

The critical period regarding the spread of the disease extends from October to April.