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PS5: Gigabyte joins Seagate and Western Digital, also announces NVMe SSD compatibility with console

PS5: Gigabyte joins Seagate and Western Digital, also announces NVMe SSD compatibility with console

Update (08/02/2021) – GS

like PS5 SSD Storage Can Finally Be ExpandedIn fact, manufacturers such as Western Digital and Seagate have already gone on to reveal console-compatible devices to the market.

As you’d expect, these ingredients won’t come cheap at all, at least not at first. However, if you’re an “early adopter” team and want to be one of the first to ramp up your console’s storage space, Gigabyte has unveiled the Aorus Gen 4 7000 Drive, which is also console-compatible and is a bit more affordable than competitors.

A 1TB Aorus SSD will sell for around $200 (~$1028.00) and a 2TB model for $400 (~$2056.00).

In Brazil, WD models are very “salty”, with 2 TB version more than 6000 BRL. We still don’t know if other, more affordable versions will be released here, but if you want to increase your console’s storage space, you’d better prepare your pocket!

Update (30/7/2021) – GS

this week, Sony released the first beta update for PS5, which finally allows an additional SSD card to be installed in the console, and in doing so, traditional hardware manufacturers can also reveal compatible versions of the console.

In addition to Seagate, Western Digital has taken advantage of fan euphoria to unveil the new WD_BLACK SN850 with heatsink. The device will be priced at $139.99 (~$714.00) for the 500GB version, $249.99 (~$1,275) for 1TB and $429.99 (~$2,194.00) for the 2TB version.

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Based on the requirements published by Sony, we can confirm that the WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe SSD with Heatsink (500GB – 2TB) meets the PlayStation 5 storage expansion requirements for those with beta access. Compatibility testing is in progress.

How long will these beauties reach here in Brazil?

Original text – 07/29/2021

This Thursday morning (29), Sony released the first PS5 beta update, which indicates a number of changes and new tools for the console. Among the new features, we have the long-awaited support for SSD expansion, a feature that users often request.

A few months ago, Sony released an update that allows external storage for games, however, it is not possible to play games directly from the external hard drive, due to the speed difference between a regular hard drive and an SSD. At the time of the console’s release, it was confirmed that we would have an opportunity to expand SSD storage, using the M2 slot located inside the console, however, there were no SSDs compatible with the console and the PS5 was not yet ready to select this component.

With the arrival of a new update, Seagate today announced the FireCuda 530 PCIe Gen4, the first PS5-compatible NVMe SSD.

PS5: New beta firmware allows

July 29

Sony celebrates 10 million

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July 28

Jeff Park, Regional Director of Seagate Technology ANZ (Australia and New Zealand), spoke a little about the launch:

We did some testing with Sony on the PS5 and today we can confirm that the FireCuda 530 with heatsink meets all the console requirements. With the PS5 design, the SSD card slot is quite restricted, so it doesn’t have much space to install an SSD. However, with the FireCuda 530 – even with a heatsink on top of it – the slim design allows it to fit right there. Of course, the model without the heatsink is thinner, so they both fit the PS5.

The company’s official statement states that the product will be available in New Zealand in August of this year, but it is not yet known when it will be launched in the rest of the world.

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Technical Specifications

  • speed prevails: The FireCuda 530 dominates the SSD lineup – delivering pure performance, ultimate power, with the most advanced components and unparalleled endurance.
  • Highest performance: with At up to 7300MB/s, you can harness the full power of PCIe Gen4 speed to control next-gen games and applications.
  • Fastest FireCuda ever: Designed for professional gaming and fast content creation with transfer speeds up to 2x faster than PCIe Gen3 NVMe SSDs and up to 12 times faster than SATA SSDs.
  • Latest technology: built With a Seagate-certified E18 controller and the latest 3D TLC NAND, the FireCuda 530 delivers the most advanced speed and durability to push your hardware limits.
  • Unleashing Endurance: Designed to perform under heavy use and hard enough to travel up to 5,100 TB, which means you can log and delete 70% of your drive’s capacity every day for five years.
  • Large capacity: toys Large, graphics-heavy files are no problem with up to 4TB of capacity to keep your gaming library close at hand and present your creative content.
  • Play and Create: Speeds Up to 7300MB/s, stamina and capacity make content creation apps run faster and smoother.
  • Rescue Services: SurvivalHave peace of mind with our three-year lifesaving data recovery services, which offer an industry-leading success rate with 95% protection against unexpected data loss.

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