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PS5: The DualSense Controller is now available in two new colors.  Prices vary

PS5: The DualSense Controller is now available in two new colors. Prices vary

After several days of pre-sale, the DualSense Wireless Controller finally has two new remote colors available at the usual points of sale. Now you can get it in Midnight Black (Midnight Black) and Cosmic Red.

In a press release, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced that the DualSense wireless controller on Friday received two new colors. Below you can watch the video presentation.

“These are the first special editions to be released for the innovative console, which provide a deeper and highly immersive gaming experience in PlayStation 5 games,” it reads.

It is worth noting that “both the DualSense Midnight Black and DualSense Cosmic Red Wireless Controllers are available at the usual points of sale in Portugal”. But its price is not the same. DualSense can be purchased in Midnight Black in Portugal for €69.99, while Cosmic Red is priced at €74.99. This is the time to buy the original model, which can be found on Amazon in Spain for Promotional value of €55.99.

Note that the design of the DualSense Midnight Black Wireless Controller is inspired by the way we see the wonders of space in the night sky, with details in subtle shades of black and light grey.

The vibrant two-tone design of the DualSense Cosmic Red Wireless Controller is inspired by the unique and gorgeous reds scattered throughout our world, complete with matching details for a futuristic finish.

“Our goal is to find designs that surprise and captivate our fans, and these new colors are the result of a careful selection process,” says Leo Cardoso of the SIE Design team.

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“We wanted the new controller’s colors to compliment each other, as did the DualSense wireless controller and PlayStation 5, so we chose colors that include the ‘galaxy’ theme, as if it were a natural progression of the original design of the PlayStation 5 and its accessories.”

Keep in mind that the DualSense Wireless Controller offers immersive haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone. All this is combined in an ergonomic design, which now has two new colors.

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