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PSD will not create obstacles to post-budget dismissal if there are advantages – Politics

PSD will not create obstacles to post-budget dismissal if there are advantages – Politics

The PSD will not create “obstacles” to post-budget rejection if there are “advantages”

Montenegro says the PSD defends the path “that causes less impact on people’s lives” and asks the government for further clarification.

Luis Montenegro says it is “important for the government” to clarify the “advantages and disadvantages” of the country whose state budget was approved and entered into force on January 1. He added after the hearing in Belem with the President of the Republic, “What worries us is that the decision is the one that causes the least impact on people’s lives.”

“If the implementation of public investments financed in the PRR and the deadline for completion are at stake, if the modernization of salaries in public administration is at stake, the payment of pension updates, the reduction of any tax burden,” the PSD says, It will be made no one An obstacle to a possible option by Marcelo to wait for the approval of the Executive Office.

The leader of the Social Democratic Party insists on the necessity of holding elections after the resignation of Antonio Costa, but stresses that the main purpose of his position is not “confrontation.” “At least beyond normal.”Confrontation Policy that it partisanship in election campaigns.
“Hey our very that it accurately Hey On the contrary, that it joins Hey nation, that it necessary joins Hey nation to Solve problems So the pressure to the life every day Follower The Portuguese added.As he did yesterday, Montenegro defended that going to the polls early was the only way out due to the need to start a “new cycle” that would nip “evil in the bud.” “It is necessary to nip evil in the bud, it is necessary to start a new cycle, it is necessary to listen to the Portuguese people and to grant the future government political power, which can only be granted by vote, in order precisely to be able to intervene in a structural and strategic way in the plans Great set by Portugal for the coming years.

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The election date must respect socialist restructuring

When asked about its preferences for the date of new elections, Montenegro said that “everything that can be accelerated must be accelerated,” but highlighted the importance of maintaining “democratic respect” for the Socialist Party’s political situation.

“We cannot fail to point also to our democratic respect for what is happening in other political parties, especially in the Socialist Party, which is clearly about to begin the process of replacing its leadership and, therefore, the electoral calendar must provide this opportunity,” he stressed of the Socialist Party.

The leader of the Social Democratic Party did not mention any specific date, and said, “What is important is that our position is to hold the elections as soon as possible.”

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