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PSI-20 red with 15 shares down and Navigator down more than 6.5% - Bolsa

PSI-20 is experiencing its worst day in 13 months and is down 2.70% – Stock Exchange

The PSI-20 index ended the session down 2.70% to 4,894.43 points, posting the biggest drop in 13 months. The Lisbon Stock Exchange followed the trend in Europe, on the day the major European indexes closed in the red, as investors moved away from riskier assets, such as stocks. You have to go back to June 11 last year to find a worse performance.

In Lisbon, out of the 18 listed companies that make up the index, only two closed the bullish session, namely Ramada and ADB Renovaves. The Ramada is up 2.39% at €6, and the EDP Renováveis ​​is up 0.05% at €19.82. Corticeira Amorim ended the day unchanged, with the bond at €10.60.

Among the index heavyweights, BCP and EDP recorded the largest declines in the session. BCP fell 5.06% to 11.82 cents. CaixaBank BPI expects the bank to be led by Miguel Maya It is expected to incur a loss of $60 million in the second quarter. Factors such as Poland’s foreign exchange provisions justify this scenario, according to the analysis note available to the business.

EDP ​​gave 4.12% in this session, at a price of 4.40 euros. Also in the energy field, Galp fell 3.14% to €8.194 and gave REN 0.21% to €2.335.

In retail, Jerónimo Martins was down 1.54% at €16.60, and Sonae was down 3.62% to 75.85 cents.

Simaba stock is down 6.74% this session, ending the headlines today at €10.52.

On the other hand, CTT gave 5.59% to 4.225 euros. In the last session of last week, Correos bonds sank about 15%, in the biggest intraday drop since November 2017. The devaluation occurred last Friday, the 16th, the day Barclays cut The recommendation for a CTT is from ‘equal weight’ to ‘underweight’.

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Altri fell 4.20% to 4.91 euros and Navigator fell 4.06% to 2,790 euros. In the telecoms sector, Nos fell 3.25% to 2.92 euros.

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