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Galp Energia and BCP PSI-20 earnings take a maximum of a year and a half - Stock Exchange

PSI-20 power pulls to red. Navigator shoots more than 5% for a maximum of 20 months – Stock Exchange

The PSI-20 finished the last session in October down 0.27% to 5,732.03 points. Pressured on the index, listed companies in the energy sector were included, notably EDP Group and Galp. Of the 19 stands, 10 closed on high, eight on lows, and Ramada finished the session unchanged.

October, however, was a positive month for the national stock market, with the PSI-20 up 4.97%, the second largest monthly rise this year, after the 7.76% increase observed in August.

And the positive star this Friday was Navigator, with a gain of 5.36% to 3.38 euros, the maximum since February 2020, even before the epidemic reached Portugal. This ascent was driven by Presented results Yesterday by the pulp and paper company after the market closed. On the earnings front, Novabase and Ibersol rose more than 1%, while Sonae advanced 1.06% to 95.15 cents.

Among the companies listed with the largest weight in the index, BCP rose 0.64% to 15.61 cents, and Jerónimo Martins rose 0.15% to 19.60 euros, a new closing level.

Energy blocks PSI-20 gains
Already pressing the main indicator of the Portuguese market was the energy sector, where they are all listed in red.

Greenvolt was the most punished, losing 2.85%, to 6.82 euros, while EDPR fell 2.74%, to 24.10 euros, and EDP lost 1.23%, to close at 4.884 euros.

Galp also fell 1.03% to 8.992 euros, while REN was down 0.75%, ending the day at 2,635 euros.

Greenvolt, JM, EDPR, and Navigator earn over 10% per month. Galp performs removals

On the October balance sheet, Greenvolt accumulated an increase in value of 14.43%, followed by Jerónimo Martins, with an increase of 13.89%.

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Also with cumulative double-digit gains come EDP Renováveis ​​and Navigator, up 12.51% and 11.33%, respectively.

In all, 12 of the 19 PSI-20 listed reached a positive monthly balance.

On the downside, Galp was the most sanctioned, down 8.24% in October. This performance is only close to Ibersol which accumulated a loss of 8.03%. The Falls platform ends in Nos, which scores 2.99%.

BCP is another heavyweight with a red balance in October. The bank, led by Miguel Maya, fell 0.38% in the month.