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Galp Energia and BCP PSI-20 earnings take a maximum of a year and a half - Stock Exchange

PSI-20 Renews Three-Year Highs With 3% Gains For Both EDP And BCP – Stock Exchange

The PSI-20 finished the session on Wednesday with the third estimate in the past three days. A record that allowed him to play today at his highest level in August 2018, after rising 1.02% to 5,472.53 points.

With 14 companies completing up and four down, EDP was one of the companies with a gain of 2.90% to €4.79 per share. Subsidiary EDP Renováveis ​​reported the gain, which rose 1.33% to €22.82 per share.

This ascension occurs on a day when Berenberg More confident about the ratings of both companies on the Lisbon Stock Exchange. The German investment bank raised its target price for the securities of listed companies led by Miguel Stilwell dandred, anticipating strong growth backed by its green business promotion strategy. The number of players (0.67%) who play for a maximum of one year has also increased. yesterday, JB Capital Markets reinforced the recommendation on the Portuguese company In the “buy” and set a target price of 4.89 euros per share. At the closing price on August 30, the day before the bond is issued, that specific target gives a potential return of 37% for Miguel Almeida.

On the other hand, oil company Galp lost 0.88% to 8.60 euros per share. Today, oil prices lost more than 1%, again, on the day when OPEC + agreed to continue pumping 400,000 barrels per dayEvery month until September 2022, when production of this raw material is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels.

BCP leads gains in Europe
The banking sector was one of the sectors that witnessed the most gains in Wednesday’s session, as Spanish neighbors were excited about the possibility of returning to the full payment of dividends to their shareholders. But in Portugal, the bank that led today’s uprisings lives on the “old continent”.

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BCP reported a profit of 2.90% to 13.5 cents a share, on the day its Polish unit, Bank Millennium, received a higher rating from an investment bank. Biuro Maklerskie mBanku increased the recommendation from “hold” to “accumulate” – the equivalent of “buy” and kept the target price unchanged at 7.30 zlotys, giving it a potential gain of 11%.

In Spain, major banks are ready to return to normalcy in terms of shareholder pay. The Economist. According to first-half data, Santander, Bancinter, Unikaga, Caixabank, BBVA and Sabadell have a capital surplus of 49 billion euros. These accounts take into account the minimum capital required by Europe (CET 1 “fully loaded”). This amount represents 53% of the current market capitalization of the stock market.

According to the Spanish newspaper, in an unlikely scenario for this amount to be distributed in full, this would imply more than double the current amount of €22.6 billion allocated, according to current estimates, to contributors to the next three exercises.