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PSI-20 grading for a maximum of four months with CTT release at 10% - Bolsa

PSI-20 rises with the launch of BCP by over 6% – Bolsa

The PSI-20 closed the session on Monday, rising 0.54% at 5,177.07, with 14 listed in the green and the remaining four on the red. It was the second consecutive bullish session for the Lisbon Square, which traded at the highest price since January 12th.

The national stock exchange traded in line with most of the major European markets, in a volatile session as some markets in the old continent were trading in contraction.

The European Stoxx600 index alternated between gains and losses after hitting a new all-time high during the session. The raw materials and banking sectors were the most supportive, while the technology and travel sectors saw the largest gains in Europe.

In Lisbon, BCP was the most bright spot, with the bank rising 6.43% to 13.90 cents on the day it touched its highest levels on January 12th. Millennium Bank, a Polish financial institution controlled by China’s central bank, also gained nearly 6% in the session.

Navigator and Sonae are also highlighted. The Paper Shop totaled 2.45% to € 3.172 and was trading at its highest in February of last year, while the Retail Store rose 2.26% to 85.95 cents and traded at its highest levels on January 29 last year. Both listed companies recorded their sixth consecutive session on the rise.

Still with significant increases, Mota-Engil (+ 2.11% to 1.497 EUR), Corticeira Amorim (+ 1.17% to 10.38 EUR), Jerónimo Martins (+ 1.13% to 15.665 EUR), Galp Energia (+ 0.84% ​​to 10.23 EUR) closed (EUR) and Ebersol (+ 1.1.34% to € 6.06).

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In the red zone and preventing further gains in Lisbon was the EDP group in particular. The EDP fell 1.39% to € 4,556 and EDP Renováveis ​​lost 4.36% to € 18.65 the day it deducted 8 cents’ earnings for the fiscal year last year.

Also pressured is Altri Close (-0.15% to € 6.59) and REN (-0.85% to € 2.325)

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