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Psychologist Yvonne Di Paola says health workers need to be trained to care for people who use drugs to enhance sex without judgement.

Psychologist Yvonne Di Paola says health workers need to be trained to care for people who use drugs to enhance sex without judgement.

What is chemsex? What are the effects and risks associated with it? These and other questions were answered at the Round Table “Psychopharmacology and Sex”, at the XIV Congress of the Brazilian Society of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, in Florianópolis.

This session, written by Yvonne de Paula, psychologist and prevention director for the STD/AIDS Coordination of São Paulo State, addressed the intersection between psychoactive substances and sexual activity, highlighting their prevalence and impact, particularly in the most vulnerable populations, Such as men who have sex with men (men who have sex with men). Having sex with men).

Evony began her presentation by discussing the context of Chemsex. According to the expert, the concept does not relate to those who use psychotic drugs, but rather to those who resort to using these substances to intensify their sexual experiences, motivated by various issues. In this sense, the speaker emphasized that we live in a society that often imposes aesthetic standards and puts pressure on sexual performance. “Many individuals resort to it due to shyness, in order to relax more and search for a more intense sexual experience.” Moreover, the desire to meet these standards of sexual performance is also a motivator, as demonstrated by the specialist.

“We live in a society that demands a lot from us,” he said. These socially imposed standards, according to the psychiatrist, are harmful and can cause significant impacts not only on physical health, but also on mental health, and can put individuals at increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections/HIV/AIDS. However, he highlighted that people are free to live their sexual lives, and suggested unethical methods.

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This practice, especially common at 3/4-day parties, is highly concentrated in the gay community and men who have sex with men. Yvonne Di Paola stressed that the type of material used can vary greatly depending on the characteristics of each country and its context. She also indicated that some of these materials may have legal implications [por serem categorizadas como drogas ilícitas]. Therefore, in his view, it is essential that health professionals are extensively trained on this topic and that they welcome supporters into health spaces in a humane way. “This way, people will feel comfortable opening up to professionals, without the fear of being reported to the police.”

“Nowadays, many professionals forget to ask whether the patient is using any substances,” he said.

“It would be great if we had a protocol guiding us so we could do that [profissionais de saúde] He knew what to do when someone arrived at the office, whether in primary care or specialty services […] There is also, for example, a whole protocol that must be followed in cases of violence.

Moreover, draw attention to the quality of the medicine used. ”We don’t know [o contexto socioeconômico] For each subject, but perhaps the type of medication used [pelos mais pobres] Worse still; The more its components, the worse it becomes for people’s quality of life, emphasizing that public policies to combat social inequality and welcoming and harm reduction strategies are essential.

The congresswoman tapped into this issue by commenting on how dating and sex apps play an important role in facilitating these experiences, connecting people with similar interests. In this sense, he highlighted that “here is prevention and awareness [também] It must be ”.

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Before concluding her contribution, the sexual health specialist listed some harm reduction tips and other additional precautions that can be adopted to reduce related risks, including:

  • View PrEP and PEP (pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV)
  • Vaccination against hepatitis A and B
  • Build a protective network of trust between family and/or friendship ties
  • Comprehensive mental health support
  • Promoting respect without any discrimination

He explained, “There are drugs that can lead to death, and the linearity between the social dose and the lethal dose is very close, a matter of millimeters.”

“We have to work on harm reduction issues. If we don’t open our eyes and understand that psychoactive substances are a public health issue, and fight for zero discrimination, people [vão continuar] It was concluded that there was a lack of access to information and capabilities.

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The conferences were covered by the AIDS team with support from the Department of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Viral Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Infections of the Ministry of Health.

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