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Pupa goes after Walt's father

Pupa goes after Walt’s father

B20 counter-attacks attacking V’s family.

The beef between Pupa and Vault continues and grows. Duke posted his father following his new adversary on his network.

B20 vs Vald Episode 350,000. A war breaks out between the two artists. For days, Kobe has been adamant that the translator of “Anunnaki” should not be taken aback. Three days after the release of his album “V”, Gold received some setbacks. At first there was his anger towards the SNEP, then the Duke’s attacks. The latter alleges that he bought the streams and damaged his sales figures. Sullivan responded provocatively. Also, he made fun of the Duke through his networks, Starting a real war on the internet.

Usually, when Poopa attacks another artist, it is rare to see him respond later. When some wanted to play the card of peace, Walt decided to retaliate at his own risk. In fact, the 44-year-old rapper unleashed on him and responded to him. He also attacked the target’s father and took a step. Whether on Twitter or Instagram, he links posts with a guest star, Roger Le Du. While some internet users are skeptical about this person’s identity, others confirm that it is actually Walt’s father. The latter bears his name and shares photos of the rapper in his youth.

So Booba started his destruction company by sharing a large number of screenshots of some (highly suspicious) Facebook posts of Walt’s father. Since he didn’t do half the action, Cobb also changed his profile photos with photos of Roger Le Du.

When confronted with attacks, Walt’s response is simple. On Instagram, he sent several smiling emojis to Pupa. A sober reaction for now.

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