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Puritanism puts an end to the fiery kisses and pain on the crosses that Diogo Martins preached to Rita Blanco.  Actress Doesn't Match - Celebrities

Puritanism puts an end to the fiery kisses and pain on the crosses that Diogo Martins preached to Rita Blanco. Actress Doesn’t Match – Celebrities

Actress Rita Blanco, villain “Renata” from TV series “Port T”, which fills primetime on SIC nightsfrom Monday to Friday, is He was provoked by the fact that the screenwriter, producer and management of SIC decided to end the fictitious love affair between her character (an older woman character) and that of young actor Diogo Martins.friend of singer Urea, who plays Nuno Macedo, in the plot of Paco de Arcos station.

And that was precisely on the “We are at home” program, Led by actress and presenter Alexandra Linkcaster, Rita Blanco expressed her dismay For the decision of those responsible for the SIC removed from the imagination of the young beau.

My character is supposed to be an older woman than the boy she was dating, but that obviously went wrong because we’re in a very tough country. And we think a man with a younger woman is fine, but a woman with a younger man is a bit shocking.”

Purity, rude kisses or cruciform redemption by Rita Blanco?

The actress was specifically in the studio with her co-stars Carlos Aria and Bruno Cabrrezo, two actors who are dating or are dating younger women., and brought up the topic, expressing their regret that the role of the spouses Renata and Nono was emptied as lovers. “I I was very happy with Diogo Martins, he is a great actor, and besides, he accepts very well. In a technical sense, “of course.

As for him, weeks ago, the two characters were still involved in hot scenes in the script of the series. On “Caixa Mágica”, Fatma Lopez told that she was learning a lot with Rita Blanco. I assumed it was the best way.

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Diogo Martins, who when he started acting at the age of 10 was known as the “Wonderful Kid” For his scenic abilities, he told an episode in which he nearly left his teammate KO, given that it’s public that Rita Blanco suffers from bone problems. “There was a scene where I had to throw her on the bed and she patted her back and said softly, ‘Look at the crosses,'” he recalls.

Rita Blanco admits she’s “dead from the waist down” and that she’s enjoying herself alone

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