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Putin, Russia | Putin's secret luxury village

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Although hundreds of thousands of Russians have lost their lives in the past two years in the unimaginable massacre of their president in Ukraine, Putin is still basking in luxury.

But his large – and expensive – holdings are in other people's names – or owned by mailbox companies in foreign tax havens.

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There is no ordinary doctor

On that day the eldest daughter appeared Russian TV showShe was able to explain in general terms that Russia is “a society where the human being is at the center.”

Maria Vorontsova (38 years old) is a doctor by training, and currently works as vice president of the teaching staff at Lomonsosov University in Moscow. She doesn't seem to make much money there.

But information hunters from Alexei Navalny's gang of secret corruption hunters recently published information about Vorontsova's real sources of income. It appears to own a 20% stake in a private hospital that collects large government subsidies because of its special offers for war-wounded oligarchs and Wagner officers.

Over the past three years, more than 100 million Norwegian kroner must have reached the private account of Putin's eldest daughter.

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Nationally known

The other daughter is better known in her homeland, because she participated, among other things, in dance competitions on television. In recent years, Katarina “Katya” Tikhonova has made a name for herself by organizing IT cooperation with African countries – an effort that has not paid off badly for her personally.

Katja was born in 1986 in Dresden, while her father worked for the KGB there. Tikhonova is also known to have been a frequent guest in Munich for several years, where she allegedly had a love affair with Igor Zelensky, who until the beginning of 2022 was head of the Bavarian State Ballet in Munich. The couple has a two-year-old daughter together.

Tikhonova was married for several years to a prominent businessman and the son of an oligarch in Putin's inner circle.

Asbjorn Svarstad

He works mostly with historical articles and political commentaries and is a certified guide in Sachsenhausen. Since 1996 he has lived permanently in Berlin where he has worked in several Scandinavian media outlets.

Expensive habits

Although Putin is a ring fox when it comes to that Hiding the size and size of his enormous wealth – His fortune is estimated at approximately 2,000 billion Norwegian kroner – It is known that he is considered the actual owner of 20 huge residential properties, 60 planes of different sizes, a lavishly equipped armored train, in addition to a number of luxury cars and expensive watches.

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Everyone can see with their own eyes that the president loves to appear in public in really expensive clothes and shoes.

Putin lavishes money and cultivates his extravagant habits like an Arab oil sheikh, while the people of his country feel the effects of war on their bodies with every passing day.

It was also Navalny who in 2020 revealed the scale and destruction surrounding Putin's 17-acre palace overlooking the Black Sea. His men were able to maneuver drones into the huge villa, where the toilets and toilet brushes were made of gold.

Putin – of course – denied that he owned the place. Here too, he ensured that two oligarch friends served as unofficial persons on the owner's side.

Watch the video of the palace here:

Harsh punishment

This very revelation – which received more than 100 million clicks – must have been particularly embarrassing for the man who stated publicly in 2008 that during his eight years as president he was working and toiling – “like a madhouse.”

The attempt to kill Navalny with poison — and subsequently send him to a concentration camp in Siberia for 20 years — is seen as pure retaliation for the act, among other things.

Novo-Ogaryovo has been the official residence of the Russian president since 2000. In this enclosed area outside Moscow, former rulers – first the Tsar's family and then the Soviet leaders – used to keep houses, hence the nickname “Tsar's Village”. But since Putin took over the area, only he and his immediate family have lived there.

Independent news agency Proekt has raided the mailboxes of a former son-in-law, among others, as a luxury villa – filled with deer – in Novo Ogaryovo was apparently once listed as a wedding gift from the head of state. family. It appears from the documents that a company in Cyprus is listed as the official owner of the houses where his two daughters live.

Development and modernization expenses are also covered from there – the company is referred to as Putin's private fund.

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the family

She has been married to Putin for 30 years – and is the mother of his two daughters – and also has her own huge villa in Novo Ogaryovo. Lydmila lives there with her new husband, Artur Ogiretny.

The ex-wife is famous for being the only one in Russia who dares to raise her voice against her ex-husband, even if she disagrees with the matters he decided.

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Regarding the love life of the head of state, there have been glowing rumors for many years about his relationship with former Olympic gymnast Alin Kabaeva (39 years old). Immediately after the start of the war in Ukraine, there was speculation in Swiss newspapers about whether she had been secretly present in that country.

Putin – just to be safe – is said to have made sure she and the couple's three children together were kept safe. But other than that, it is certain that Aline also runs her own residence in Novo-Ogaryovo.

In general, Putin succeeded in gathering the entire clan around him in the Tsar's Village. The girls are neighbors and their mother lives nearby. All their family secrets are kept safe behind fences and barbed wire.

Private train

The entire area is surrounded by barbed wire, a six-meter high fence and security measures that make it unthinkable for ordinary people to sneak inside. There are stories of fantastic swimming pools, gyms, theatres, restaurants – and even a top-secret private railway line with its own station.

There, Putin can ride – or arrive – in his luxuriously equipped armored train, which he loves to use during his trips to far-flung places.

Since 2012, he has preferred to rule from there, so that he does not have to make the daily trip to the Kremlin. During the pandemic, Putin isolated himself from everything and everyone for months in Novo Ogaryovo, because he was terrified of getting infected.

Both the huge houses and villas in Novo-Ogaryovo are worth several million dollars, but there is still something to attract.

Because the conspiracies are still owned by the Russian president. If the marriage to Putin's daughter goes to waste, the former son-in-law will have to rely on reselling his property at a price well below the market price.

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Nuclear bunkers

However, “market price” is a fluid term for Novo-Ogaryovo. Of course, the wealthy and privileged would like to live near the Putin family themselves – and would therefore be willing to pay for a plot of land or a house in the immediate vicinity, even outside the security zone.

Experts assume that there are fortified facilities near Putin's residence in Novy Ogaryovo that can protect selected residents from attacks of all kinds – including nuclear weapons.

Things must not have gone well when on April 30 last year, Ukrainian drones dropped firebombs just a few kilometers away.

It should also appear from the stolen documents that neither Putin himself nor his two eldest daughters were ever officially married. At that time in 1983, when he faked his hymen with Lyudmila, they were content with a church ceremony.

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Both Maria and Katia have chosen the same model. The explanation must simply be that in this way they avoid being registered in public archives – which further complicates linking property to them. Such marriages are also much easier to dissolve, if both parties choose to separate one day.

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He speaks German

Vladimir Putin has always been more than reserved when it comes to comments about his immediate family. He once revealed that his wife's youngest daughter, Katja – who was born in Dresden – had spoken German from an early age. Both daughters speak three languages ​​fluently and are otherwise well educated.

He also courted his grandchildren, who were old enough to be on their way to vocational training – but could not count on the benefits because of their kinship.

Immediately after the attack on Ukraine, Putin's daughters were also placed on economic boycott lists by the United States and the European Union, among other countries.

However, people who have the slightest idea about this assume that they – and their father – still control exclusive estates in several southern European countries. But here, too, they make extensive use of unofficial men and foreign post-box companies, which are good to have in order to conceal the relationship of real property.

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There is now speculation in various media outlets as to why Maria Vorontsova chose to appear in the television interview, as she mostly chatted for a short hour about unimportant things and told tales such as that of Russia being a nation that targets every individual. who live there.

As propaganda for Father and his war, this feature was absolutely worthless. Vorontsova actually seemed a bit naive – or perhaps full of lies?

In any case, it aroused intense interest, and in any case managed to attract the attention of the entire world press. This is how Maria became famous overnight. But at the same time, it sparked investigations that revealed what she was really working on – and how large the sums of money she could hide in various hideouts every year.

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