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Pyotr Semka called on the army and border guards to send parcels

Pyotr Semka called on the army and border guards to send parcels

“Refugees are not only freezing, but also soldiers who have to stand where there is morning frost, because somewhere the sensitivity line has turned upside down,” said Piotr Semka at the journalism salon (“Do Rzeczy”).

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For asking what Poland and Poland like on Independence Day, Pyotr Semca he said:

I want the Poles to understand the importance of the historical moment we are in. I would be very happy if you could send parcels to some poles, for example, now soldiers, border guards, steel nerves must be provoked, constantly on display, sitting at three in the morning.

Somewhere as the line of sensitivity turned upside down there were not only refugees, but also soldiers who had to stand where the morning frost was. That is, no one mentions the efforts of the soldiers guarding our borders, but also the legitimate concern for the people who are frozen in the jungle.

– He noticed.

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