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Quake 2 gets a surprise remaster

Quake 2 gets a surprise remaster

It can be played via Xbox Game Pass.

a software identifier Relaunched its FPS game for existing platforms, Quake 2from 1997.

The new version of the game is a direct conversion of the original game, but packed with new features and improvements. Maintaining the visuals and aesthetics of the original, it received visual improvements, with new processing and lighting effects; The gameplay has been adapted with modern controls, co-op support, online multiplayer and cross-play, and brand new content added.

The game includes The Reckoning campaigns, with 18 levels and seven multiplayer maps, and Ground Zero, with 15 additional campaign levels and 14 maps. New expansion called Call of the Machine, developed by MachineGames (Wolfenstein) with 28 new campaign levels and one new multiplayer. In addition, it also includes all 64 contents of Quake 2, with improvements as well.

Quake 2’s multiplayer support allows up to 16 players to join together in online matches, and has local game sessions divided into 8 players on PC and Xbox Series X | S, or 4 players on all other platforms.

Also with cross-platform support, Quake 2 is playable everywhere, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X | S, PC, Nintendo Switch and even on the cloud via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

This new version is available for purchase for €9.99 or accessible via Xbox Game Pass, but it’s also a free update for all players who have Quake 2 on GOG and Steam.

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