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Quake already works at 4K/120FPS on Xbox Series X |  S.

Quake already works at 4K/120FPS on Xbox Series X | S.

The new Quake update is now available!

through your official site, Bethesda, part of Xbox Game Studios, has confirmed that earthquake It won a new update for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, the next generation of gaming hardware from Microsoft.

According to Bethesda, the redesigned version of Quake for new Microsoft consoles has been supported by 4K and 120fps. That’s right, the game runs in 4K and 120fps on the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S! Remember that in the Xbox Series S version, the game is working on a Upgrade 4K, that is, it is not original.

The new next-generation update is now available to all new Microsoft console owners, and is completely freePlus, the game is included with Xbox Game Pass.

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