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Quake New Generation Edition Available with Free Upgrade

Quake New Generation Edition Available with Free Upgrade

The game supports 4K and 120fps on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series

a Bethesda announced yesterday, 12, which – which Quake has a free update to me A new generation of keyboards. Users who Already a game Play Station 4 H X-Box Someone received a free update for the latest released video game. Version Brand restricted, And therefore, Who owns a PS4 game?, for example, Only PS5 will be able to update for freeAnd But not for the latest keyboards from Microsoft.

Quake is now available for digital purchase. In the official stores of Play Station and yes Microsoft video games for the next generation. The price in both is close to R$50.00. Also, the game has Free updates are available to me Subscribers to X-Box Arcade games those who have X-Box Series S or X. to reach full game he takes Final Service Subscription.

generation upgrade

a new copy From the game up in PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series running in one 4K maximum resolution, 120 frames per second, Next to Support existing controls for both. To be used in this decision, is Need a screen that supports 4K and 120fps.

The game is about Classic earthquake reissue, from 1996, which is completed 25 years in 2021. This version of Quake is a file The project was developed by id, the original creator, and Nightdive Studios, recognized for fetching Retro shooting games for new platforms.

“Given their history of updating old titles, it’s hard to think of a better team for the job,” he said. Mike RobbitsAnd Senior Programmer Software IDAbout the partnership between studios PlayStation Blog.

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How do I get the new version?

Getting Quake for free in the new generations is simple. If you are Own an Xbox OneOh Xbox Series will use Smart Connect From Microsoft to Automatically update eligible games.

already in Sony controller There is two options. first cross Game focus: Go to List of games on the PS5 home screen and select File Hub do Quake, select (…) and PS5 | full | Quake PS5 update, after that the game will start downloading.

The second method is via Playstation Store. No PlayStation 5, Search earthquake employment Playstation Store And you will see the word “Purchased” in the product template, just open the page and select Download.

It is worth mentioning that, If you have an Xbox One version of the gameAnd You will not be able to get the new version of PS5 for free. For this you need the PS4 version. And the opposite is also true. according to Bethesdagame distributor There is no time limit for the update, so this process It can be done at any time.

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Source: PSX BrazilAnd Bethesda