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Queen Elizabeth cancels comeback - VG

Queen Elizabeth cancels comeback – VG

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth will not attend Memorial Day anyway due to back problems.


The Queen has had a suspicion in her back and has decided this morning with great regret that she will not be able to attend today’s memorial service, said an announcement from Buckingham Palace.

The 95-year-old king I spent a night in the hospital on October 20 Since then he has taken it easy on the advice of doctors. Several shows have been canceled, resulting in Speculation about the Queen’s health.

According to the plan, today’s commemoration Sunday, when the British remember their fallen soldiers, will be her first public appearance after visiting the hospital. This is a celebration that all previous years have participated in.

The grand celebration takes place at the Cenotaph War Memorial in Whitehall, London. As in previous years, the Queen had to follow the memorial service from the balcony of the Foreign Office.

Queen Elizabeth, who could celebrate her 70th birthday as Queen in 2022, was supposed to be present during the opening of the Glasgow climate conference on November 1, but had to settle for a video salute – watch it here:

However, she was not bedridden on the same day that she was seen wandering around her property at Windsor Castle.

In a picture posted In many British media You can see her behind the wheel wearing sunglasses and a shawl around her head.

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