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Queen Elizabeth II spends millions of euros to defend her son in a sex scandal - a Boil

Queen Elizabeth II spends millions of euros to defend her son in a sex scandal – a Boil

To help her 61-year-old son Andre defend himself from the sex scandal he was involved in, Isabel II has to spend millions of euros on lawyers. The Queen of England agreed early last year to pay Andrew’s defense costs with money she received from the Duchy of Lancaster, which recently grew 1.5 million pounds (1.75 million euros) to 23 million pounds (26.9 million euros).

And sources close to the British royal house, quoting the “Daily Telegraph” newspaper, guarantee that the process is likely to last for several months or even years and that the account with lawyers is likely to reach the millions mark.

The Duke of York expanded his legal team last week after appointing attorney Melissa Lerner, who joined Andrew Brettler in his defense of Virginia Joffrey’s sexual assault complaint in court in New York, US, last August. Andrew Brettler, for example, is one of the most powerful lawyers in Hollywood, and he used to defend some celebrities in sex scandals. Currently, Andre has until the 29th of this month to respond to Virginia’s complaint.

The victim was under 17 years old
In the indictment that went to court, Virginia Joffrey alleged that she was forced, at the age of 17, to have sex with Prince Andrew. It all happened in the United States, at the home of Jeffrey Epstein, a magnate who committed suicide in prison in August 2019 after being convicted of possessing an underage sex smuggling network.

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