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Queen Elizabeth's funeral: Coffin covered in lead

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral: Coffin covered in lead

The Queen of Britain for more than 70 years will be buried alongside her parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (better known as the Queen Mother), in the Royal Vault at Windsor Castle. Writes Washington Post.

However, her coffin was ready for many decades. to me USA Today The coffin must be over 30 years old. The coffin was made of English oak, a type of wood that is now rare in the British Isles.

He writes that the company that made the sarcophagus was founded in 1789 times.

It’s made of English oak, which is hard to come by, says Andew Leverton of Leverton & Sons.

– Oak coffins are now made of American oak. The Undertaker says: I don’t think we can use English oak in today’s coffin, it would be too expensive.

The sarcophagus is also covered in lead – which means that the huge sarcophagus of the young queen must be carried by eight men from the British defense.

last farewell: Several thousand people have queued for hours in recent days to view Queen Elizabeth’s coffin. Now closed. Video: Reuters
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However, Elizabeth is not the only one surrounded by oak trees and leading to her final resting place.

to me subway It is a tradition to cover the coffins of the British royal family with lead.

The newspaper wrote that Princess Diana’s coffin also contained lead, which made it weigh 250 kilograms.

The reason for the main tradition is to present the body of the deceased.

“Lead coffins preserve the body for up to a year. They can be sealed so that they become airtight and thus slow down the processes that lead to body decay,” Metro writes.

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The grip also prevents any toxic substances from escaping from the coffin. For people who were not buried underground, the law actually required the coffin to be sealed, they write.