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Quentino Ayres walks away from Big Brother after anti-gay attack: gay uninhibited - boiling

Quentino Ayres walks away from Big Brother after anti-gay attack: gay uninhibited – boiling

Quentino Ayres’ comments on “Big Brother – Extra”, which was broadcast Tuesday on TVI, caused an uproar on social media as they were viewed as homophobic. The psychiatrist was highly critical of reality show competitor Bruno D’Almeida, because he took to the Assembly of the Republic discussing anti-gay discrimination in donating blood, and ended up removing it from the format.

“I think his behavior is very dangerous. He questions the DGS scale. It is a fact that, even 15 years ago, homosexual people, because they are closed off, had risky behaviors at a higher prevalence rate than homosexuals. Because of the dramatic problem of HIV. /AIDS, homosexual people have changed their behavior.Today, the risk of infection and promiscuity is more pronounced among heterosexuals.When an irresponsible, eccentric child appears, who thinks he is the hero, ending discrimination against homosexuals [na doação de sangue]. “That’s not what he went on to do,” he said.

Soon, he’s back to rattle the waters, revealing a stand against the LGBTI + Pride March. “[Os homo-orientados] They still want to show off their infamy walk. The march takes place, the vast majority of naked men lick each other, and then the number of injuries increases. Whoever wants to be a wolf does not wear his skin.”

The words did not go unnoticed and sparked thousands of criticisms on social media. The situation forced TVI to issue a statement saying that it had not reviewed the comments made by the psychologist, and therefore chose to stay away from the formula.
The Prime Minister attempted a reaction from Quintino Ayres, who later sent clarifications. “I was working and found out a little while ago,” he said. “I’d like to speak with Cristina Ferreira first.”

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Friends defend Bruno
Bruno d’Almeida’s friends used social media to determine their position. “Thanks to the many ‘walks of shame’, today this being is able to say on TV that he is gay. Because the only orientation we are aware of is ignorance.”

painful childhood
Contender Ana Barbosa, 42, was moved during the first hours of the closure of the country’s most guarded house, recalling her childhood and youth, which were marked by much suffering. The father was an alcoholic. “I ran away from the house when I started drinking again. My father passed away, thank God. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. He was sick and ruined people’s lives,” she said, crying. Because of the shocks, Anna became bitter. “I couldn’t accept being happy,” he said.

Toxic infatuation with the former
Aurora Souza introduced herself to the Portuguese as celibate, stating that a “toxic relationship” had ended before. However, the “ex” Robin Montero came to deny the accusations, accusing the young woman of lying.

change of plans
Manuel Luis Gocha, who leads “Big Brother” with Claudio Ramos, did not want to be associated with any other project than the one he already had – “Josha”, which airs Monday through Friday, and “Kunta Mi” on Saturday. I had planned to spend the next Christmas outside. After Cristina Ferreira was invited, she went back to her initial decision and said “yes” to the reality show.

Christina thrilled to the end
Cristina Ferreira has been working on the partnership between Manuel Luis Gocha and Claudio Ramos for a long time. However, his idea did not gain unanimity among the directors of Media Capital TV, who discussed all possibilities until the end of July. Since then, the password has been completely secret, keeping viewers in anticipation until “BB” debuts.

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