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Questions about the sea that science answers in a simple way

There seem to be difficult questions, but they can have very simple answers. Here are two videos that will help you better understand some of the mysteries of the oceans and learn how to appreciate our aquatic heritage.

What do you know about the oceans?

This question is hidden by others. for example:

Why is Earth considered a “blue planet”?

– Seas and oceans, are everything the same?

– What is the “Mariana Trench”?

Why is the sea blue?

When we go to the beach and dip our hands, the water is transparent, but the surface of the sea is always blue. Can you understand?

This and other interesting questions can be answered easily. for example:

Is the sea always blue? But sometimes it becomes greener or grayer…why?

– After all, where do the colors that reflect things come from?

Are the colors really separate?

Teachers from Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos answer “rude questions about the sea”. This is a bet for the Ver Para Querer project, which begins with simple questions to provide accessible, scientifically correct answers, helping to better understand some of the phenomena hidden on our “blue” planet. A little science – geology, geography, optics, physics – and you’ll discover more!

The Ver para Querer project is funded by the Blue Growth Program of the EEA Grants Portugal and relies on the DGPM – Directorate General of Maritime Policy as the operator of this programme.

text: Maria Jose Pimentel