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Queues at the reopening of shopping malls in Greater Lisbon

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More than 6,000 people came and went in the first two hours of the reopening, Monday morning, in Obo, the largest shopping mall in Greater Lisbon. The clothing store, known for its low prices, used to be the most popular here, but also in the Colombo Shopping Center

Even before business hours, at 10 am, more than 400 people were in line already at Primark do Ubbo. The number decreases with the arrival of customers, but that does not prevent this near lunchtime, and there was still a large number of customers waiting in line.

In addition to this store, there was only another international chain, Kiabo, and outlet El Corte Inglês.

However, the size of the shopping center and the security measures implemented by the administration meant that the return of customers was marked by an atmosphere of great calm.

In addition to the strong presence of security guards on all floors, the screens scattered throughout the buildings indicating the level of occupation, contributed to the public confidence that this return to activity felt.


In Centro Colombo, one of Lisbon’s busiest stores, the queues for the Primark store, around lunchtime, wait about an hour and a half. Here, long before the opening, early at 8 a.m., there was already a huge crowd at the door.

The British chain store was the most popular venue, although other areas, such as restaurants, had already felt the effects of the reopening.

Large clothing stores are the most concentrated, with some queues in the aisles. On the other hand, small firms do not record a rise in demand.

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However, the demand for this shopping center is noticeable on arrival, as parking-1 is practically full.

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