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Quitting alcohol and drugs ::

Quitting alcohol and drugs ::

Away from the field since 2020, Daniel Osvaldo Makes a public request for help. The former Italian international, who played for FC Porto between July and December 2015, suffers from depression and has an alcohol and drug addiction problem.

“I have been suffering from severe depression for some time, and as a result I fell into alcohol and drug addiction,” Osvaldo reveals, in a video clip published last night. “My life is slipping out of my hands and I wanted to share this with you.”

Daniel Osvaldo
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Osvaldo is 38 years old and has a respectable career. The former striker was born in Argentina, played for several Italian clubs (Atalanta, Lecce, Fiorentina, Bologna, Roma, Juventus and Inter) and played 14 international matches. Squadra Azzurra.

Lusty Osvaldo is passionate about music and is the singer and guitarist of the band Barrio Viejo He completely stays away from football. In this desperate testimony, Osvaldo reveals that he is undergoing psychiatric treatment and taking medication. He spends his days locked in the house.

“I practically don't go out. I don't do anything productive with my life. I don't feel like getting out of bed and taking a shower. I was a completely different footballer and person, full of confidence. “I don't know myself.”

Danny Osvaldo's serious emotional problems cause family problems. In the same video, the former FC Porto player apologizes to his partner, Daniela, and takes responsibility for “bad behavior.”

“I want to share this to help someone who feels the same. Ask for help, because no one can get out of this situation alone.”

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After a brief return to Argentina to play for Boca Juniors, Dani Osvaldo signed for FC Porto in the summer of 2015. Covered by Aboubakar, the Italian-Argentine made just 12 appearances for the Dragons (four of them as a starter) and scored one goal. Against Belenenses for the championship.

He says goodbye on December 2 with 75 minutes and a red card In a 4-0 winon the grounds of the União da Madeira house.

He. She

Daniel Osvaldo

namePablo Daniel Osvaldo

Birth/age01/12/1986(38 years)


He. She


dual nationality



positionStriker (Punta de Lana)

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