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R-Truth “steals a spot” from Judgment Day’s JD McDonagh

R-Truth “steals a spot” from Judgment Day’s JD McDonagh

During this Monday’s Raw, R-Truth defeated JD McDonagh in a Miracle at 34th Street Fight, and “took his place” at Judgment Day.

Judgment Day opened yesterday’s show teasing the Creed brothers and promising that they will control 2024 like they controlled 2023.

R-Truth interrupts him and says that he belongs to Doomsday after last week’s attack, even though they beat him badly and it affected him psychologically.

JD McDonagh lost his head again, and after exchanging words, R-Truth suggested that the miracle of their 34th Street fight should also be a loser’s doomsday match.

JD McDonagh entered the fight very aggressively, and with the help of Dominik Mysterio and the use of some weapons, he dominated R-Truth.

But the veteran never gave up, and using a fire extinguisher turned the fight upside down, before starting to deliver blows to John Cena.

In the end, the two fought over the top Top rope And J.D. McDonagh headbutted R-Truth, making him as well K.W.. It ended up falling on the table, and the veteran got the victory.

Already in the dressing room at Judgment Day, JD McDonagh begged to be allowed to stay in the group and Damien Priest stated that he was still part of it.

However, yet Displays In an interview on Raw Talk, R-Truth commented on the victory over JD McDonagh and stated that he is now part of Judgment Day, unlike the Irishman who was kicked out of the group.

R-Truth also said he expects a big party to celebrate his inauguration on Judgment Day, with cake, balloons, etc.

How do you think this story between R-Truth and Judgment Day will end?

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