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Rabo de Peixe makes history and enters the top 10 Netflix series worldwide |  the television

Rabo de Peixe makes history and enters the top 10 Netflix series worldwide | the television

Portuguese Series fish tail It entered Netflix’s top 10 non-English world series on Tuesday, marking the first time a national title has achieved the feat. The fantasy based on true facts created by Augusto Fraga and starring Jose Condesa remains on top of the most watched films in 15 countries.

It is not known how many viewers the series was watched, but by the measure Farida From the platform, which counts the hours watched, 12 million hours have been consumed by Netflix’s second original Portuguese novel, known data reveals on Tuesday night.

fish tail, which in the early days of the fair positioned itself as the most watched in Portugal and was also present at the summits in Spain and Luxembourg, now breaks an important barrier when it is placed, between May 29 and June 4, in the seventh position of the most consumed on Netflix. It has been replaced by titles such as FAck Profile of Dr. Cha’s Good Bad Mother O SilêncioAnd the days or Queen of the South.

titled turn of the tide In the international market, the series is still in first place in the official top of Netflix in Portugal, now for the second week in a row. The news is that Portugal, Spain and Luxembourg, where the series is still among the most watched, have joined 12 other countries in viewership: The Bahamas (4th most watched), Croatia (9th), Cyprus (8th), Greece (8th most watched). ), Italy (8th), Jamaica (6th), Kenya (9th), Malta (5th), Poland (9th), Switzerland (9th), Trinidad and Tobago (6th) and Uruguay (7th).

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The series has stimulated many conversations about its quality, dividing opinions on social networks, but at the same time generating a lot of consumption and allaying the initial fears of the Azorean community and São Miguel that it would revive the stigma of poverty and drug addiction in the parish of Rabo de Vích.

Composed of seven episodes, with a pacing and editing characteristic for most Portuguese television novels, the series then stars José Condesa, Helena Caldera, Rodrigo Tomás and André Letão; It also includes Albano Jerónimo, Maria Joao Bastos or Pepe Rapazote. It is an accelerated version that combines what could have happened with what even happened when a boat of drug traffickers betrayed him in 2001 and left part of his cargo for the residents to handle. Produced by Ukbar Filmes for Netflix, the film is about a fictional group of friends who cross paths with real-life landing hundreds of kilograms of high-purity cocaine at the Azorean site that lends its name to this production.