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Rafa Silva with a big offer and decision in the next few weeks ::

Rafa Silva with a big offer and decision in the next few weeks ::

There is just over a month left before his contract with Benfica expires, and it is already known that Rafa Silva will change the club, eight years after his arrival at Luz, however, there is still no decision on his destination.

For several months, the Portuguese international had assumed, with the club, those around him and, above all, with himself, that this would be his final season at Benfica. A three-time national champion in eight seasons, the 2016 European champion felt the chapter was coming to an end, regardless of the success or failure of the season.

And it was. At the age of 31, the striker intends to change his surroundings and emigrate for the first time.

Rafa Silva has had an offer from a Qatari club on his hands for some time. However, as reported on Tuesday before registerAn offer also arrived from Al-Shabab, coached by Vitor Pereira. But did you know? Zero zeroRafa Silva has not yet decided on this proposal, which is valid for three years and a very large financial offer.

The player wants to do this by the first days of June, so it is expected that before the start of the European Championship, he will be there White smoke By the international athlete of Portugal in 25 occasionsBut he was already removed from the national team by choice.

There are also contacts from around the world, including European clubs, but in this case there are no concrete proposals on the table.

One thing is certain: Rafa is determined to leave Portugal and earn a special contract.

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