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Rafael Cortez Combines Humor and Science in Volunteers, Disney+ سلسلة Series

Rafael Cortez Combines Humor and Science in Volunteers, Disney+ سلسلة Series

Disney+ debuted in January 2022, the series Volunteers: All for Science. The partnership with National Geographic features a presentation by Rafael Cortez and brings together volunteers who have undergone science experiments in everyday life.

The presenter spoke with capital Cities And she talked about the production with four episodes available on the broadcast platform.

“I think Volunteers could be the start of a series that’s here to stay. I’m so passionate, I loved shooting and watching. This kind of show that mixes daring, humor and comedy, in an eccentric package, has all the conditions to have several seasons,” he said.

This is the third project that Cortez is developing with Disney. Previously, he voiced Wreck-It Ralph and WiFi Ralph: Breaking the Internet. The invitation to attend the new series has surprised the comedian due to the context of the pandemic, but he believes he deserves the position.

Disney is a company that has something of merit. I deserve to do the series because I’m stylish, I work right, I’m a CDF player, I’m on schedule, I wear the shirt and I participate. I love doing it, I really enjoy working. It was a dream and a very pleasant surprise,” he says.

The team of volunteers for the trials included Michaela Labigue, Armando Alvarez, Camilo Pogliato, Esteban Maco and Anjita Rodriguez. They are exposed to different situations, they end up being comedic and educational.

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For Rafael Cortez, comedian since 2007, comedy is responsible for making scientific dynamics simpler and more educational.

“I find the series impressive in many ways. As a spectator, I find it to be very meditative entertainment. All ages match the project, and everyone watches it. The way the entertainment imposes itself mitigates some situations that might be in poor taste,” he explains.

Episodes are 20 minutes long and the series, which was filmed in Argentina, is available on Disney+.

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