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Rafael Liao beats Sporting in TAS - Sporting

Rafael Liao beats Sporting in TAS – Sporting

The court rejected the player’s request for a six-month ban

Raphael Liao on Tuesday at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) in Lausanne scored an important victory over Sporting in the sports field.

And the lions wanted to stop the striker and prevent him from playing football for six months, but the Swiss court rejected this claim, considering that the Milan player should not be subjected to any sporting sanctions, after he was acquitted of them.


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Rafael Liao, 22, represented by Francisco Cortez, Sofia Vaz Sampaio, and Diogo Pinto, of the law firm of Morais Leitão. “A good victory for Rafael Liao. We hope it will be a good first step towards a solution,” he said this afternoon to Record Francisco Cortez.

It should be noted that the Portuguese Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAD) ruled the player in March 2020 to pay 16.5 million euros to Sporting to unilaterally terminate his contract, in 2018, after the attack on the Academia de Alcochete.

To ensure payment of the debt, Sporting in October filed an enforcement action in court in the amount of approximately 18 million euros (16.5 million euros plus interest from the date the parties were notified), ordering a seizure. of assets.

How Record In December, it was reported that credit collection through the court had begun for two goods owned by Rafael Liao, found on Portuguese territory with a value of €11,257 and €25,941.48. The Under-21 international was also mentioned in his speeches in France and Italy. Sporting also informed the FPF in order to pledge any awards due to the call to the national teams.

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By Vitor Almeida Gonsalves


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