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Rafael Nadal, leg injury: What is Mல்லller-Weiss syndrome?

Rafael Nadal, leg injury: What is Mல்லller-Weiss syndrome?

Newcomer to the French Open title Rafael Nadal continues to suffer from injuries. The origin of all evils seems to be the so-called Mல்லller-Weiss syndrome. But what is it really? SPOX clarifies.

Rafael Nadal is not over. The Spaniard recently won the French Open for the 14th time. That too at the proud age of 36 years. As he has struggled with injuries throughout his life and especially in recent years, many critics suspect that the matches in Paris will be the last time we see him on the court.

The tennis world was very excited by his speech after the final win against Caspar Root. But contrary to many expectations, the 22-time Grand Slam winner will not say goodbye to active business. On the contrary, he declared that if his health allowed, he would continue to be among the best.

However, this statement should not be taken lightly. Because: Despite winning his second Grand Slam this year, the condition of his leg injury continued to worsen.

During the winner’s speech, he said, “It is obvious that this is not possible and does not want to continue. Nadal stumbled at the French Open. Before each game he was injected to block the nerves. But what injury caused his disability?

Rafael Nadal, leg injury: What is Mல்லller-Weiss syndrome?

This is due to less injury and more disease. Nadal has been suffering from Muller-Weiss Syndrome since childhood. In the process, the outer parts of the navicular bone retreat. If the bone tissue of the scaphoid dies, the function of the foot decreases as it descends.

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In the case of Spaniards, this type of osteonecrosis affects the left leg. “I’m not injured. I’m a player living with an injury. This is nothing new,” he revealed recently.

Early in his career, he was able to fight disease with shoe inserts made specifically for him. But he was not really out of trouble. Due to surgery last year, he had to do without the entire second half of the 2021 season. His comeback this year, including two Grand Slam victories, has been very impressive.

Rafael Nadal, leg injury: Will he take part in Wimbledon?

Now the pain has reached a new peak, which is why Nadal will be undergoing treatment within a week of winning the 14th French Open title. If this does not lead to the desired result, he does not reject a “big move”. On the other hand, he definitely avoids playing again under the influence of drugs. “I respect Wimbledon very much, it’s always an important goal this year. But no, I will never do that again for Wimbledon,” he said.

It will be decided in the next few days whether Rafael Nadal will take part in the next big Grand Slam tournament. Wimbledon starts on June 27.

Rafael Nadal on profile

Name Rafael Nadal
Industry Tennis player
Birthday 03.06.1986
Star sign Twins
birth place Managar (Spain)
Nationality Spain
Size 185 cm
Weight 85 kg
Gender Masculine

Rafael Nadal: Achievements at Grand Slam tournaments

Nadal has the chance to win his 22nd Grand Slam at the 2022 French Open in Paris, having become the only leader to win the Australian Open. The record is 13 French Open wins so far.

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Grand Slam tournament Number wins Title hit
Australian Open Round 2 2009, 2022
French Open 13 2005 – 2008, 2010- 2014, 2017-2020, 2022
Wimbledon 2 2008, 2010
US Open 4 2010, 2013, 2017, 2019