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'Raging Speed': Dwayne Johnson says Vin Diesel's explanations for their anger made him laugh a lot

‘Raging Speed’: Dwayne Johnson says Vin Diesel’s explanations for their anger made him laugh a lot

Dwayne Johnson “was full of laughs” at Vin Diesel’s explanations of the anger between the two on the filming of “Raging Speed ​​8” (2017).

The feud was made public in August 2016, when Dwayne Johnson told social media that some of his co-stars weren’t really professional, and it soon became clear that the message was only for translator Dominic Toretto.

Back in an April 2018 interview, Dwayne Johnson, who started with “Furious Speed ​​5” in 2011, revealed that the war ax had been buried and that the cause of the outrage was “a principled difference in terms of philosophy in how we approach cinema and collaboration.”

But in a June 2021 interview on “Furious Speed ​​9” (which Johnson didn’t get into), Vin Diesel, who is also the producer of the saga, said the showdown was just a technique he used to get the translation he wanted. colleague. To the “difficult character” of special agent Luke Hobbs, Dom’s antagonist.

“It takes a lot of work. We have to get there and at those times it can be very difficult [a expressão usada é “tough love”, sugerindo que gosta da pessoa e só está a ser duro porque quer que dê o seu melhor]. Not a Fellinisco, but I would do anything to get the explanations in everything I produce,” he said in an interview with Men’s Health.

In an interview with Emily Blunt to promote the release of “Jungle Cruise” released on Wednesday, Dwayne Johnson gave the answer accompanied by a strong suggestion that the two would not intersect in future films in the saga.

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“I laughed and laughed a lot. I think everyone laughed at that. I’ll leave it at that. I wish them all the best. I wish them the best of ‘Fast 9′” [a entrevista foi dada antes da estreia]. And I wish you all the best in Fast 10, Fast 11, and the other Furious Speed ​​movies that make it without me. “, Comment on The Hollywood Reporter.

Looking at it, Emily Blunt couldn’t resist “prolonging” the theme: “Thank God he was there. Thank God. He carried you in his arms while at it.”

Johnson reinforced “Velenesco”.