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Evian Ramadan

Ramadan: False controversy surrounding Evian’s tweet

A false controversy erupted in France on the first day of Ramadan, when water brand Evian posted a tweet urging people to drink plenty of water.

After this tweet, many internet users criticized the brand’s message and believe it “This is a crime against Muslims who are fasting.”

Later, the Mineral Water brand apologized for this perceived message “As unpleasant as it is, even provocative by some Muslims”.

First, is a brand of water surprising in making people drink water? Obviously not! Also, when we look at the tweets of the account, we can clearly see that Evian encourages people to do so, including outside of Ramadan.

So why is that Bad chatter Around the tweet? What we need to note first is that there was a contradiction when the youth referred to the eternal debate about Islam, Muslims, and Ramadan.

Looking at all the comments, we see that not even a single Muslim has actually been offended. On the other hand, we find humor and amusement, however, which has caused resentment from the far right.

Identity recovery

But, as journalist Nicola Henin points out, some of these anonymous tweets were over-shared by accounts close to the Republican spring, with popular Islamic enthusiasts appearing on TV and in the Phosphorosphere.

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“Congratulations to everyone who fell into the #Evian web (no) regardless of where it came from”, He writes with an analysis of tweets, which shows that it was actually non-Muslim accounts that spread the message the most.

Therefore, these accounts were made to show that Muslims are intolerant and that they do not support eating in front of them during the month of Ramadan.

“Analysis shows that this movement was not started or promoted by” Islamic giants “and that they played a serious minority role.

Nicola Henin

In this game, we remember Jean-Franசois Kobe, who said that small children are created. “ Steal their pain au chocolate during the break during the month of Ramadan. Beyond that, when he said that Ramadan fell during the summer holidays, we want to give this negative image to Muslims above all else.

However, in many countries, especially in Turkey, all restaurants are open during the month of Ramadan and during the day they are filled with customers without any controversy.

Also, every year in France, the media gives us the same sauce: Muslims attack a young man who is not fasting.

Sterile controversy

However, the reality is very different. Guest, Wednesday, of the TV show “Don’t touch my TV” Journalist Faiza Ben Mohammed, notes “All tweets claiming to be offensive are anonymous accounts”.

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“I challenge you to find a message that clearly identifies the name of a Muslim,” he told guests, “who wants to go to war with the Muslim community.”

Faiza Ben Mohammed

Also, when reading the comments, there are actually no accounts that are clearly identified with a name and first name and no accounts that say they are Muslims “Insulted”.

On the contrary, many of them claim that they have been fasting for many years and have not even risen to know it “If non-Muslims want to hide to eat in front of Muslims”.

This false controversy actually shows a willingness to always show up “Muslims as enemies of freedom”.

Anyway, many Muslims shared an avian tweet to show it “Whether it is Ramadan or not, it is necessary to drink after sunset, even if it means doing so.”